Trump; This is not right!

I applaud you for opening a silly debate once again my dear Donald Trump. Although I am not a politician and I rarely understand the tactics a politician uses to grab some innocent brains but apparently this time I noticed that many stable people are now after you for your hate speech against the Muslims. I sympathize with you for being so naïve and ignorant and facing the regrets if you have any.  This is nothing new for me because I have heard many others before you delivering hate speeches and imposing their thoughts on others.

Sweet Dony, being a teacher it’s my moral obligation to teach you. I should bring in your knowledge that the USA is not amongst the greatest countries due to such speeches, but due to its progressive nature, being open to criticism and the people of America have fought for freedom and fundamental rights. From George Washington to Clinton, many wise people had been come in power and had accepted other religions as a part of the United States; they had learned from their culture and today it is a wonderful country because it is multi-ethnic and has absorbed all the other religions. It has grown because the people of United States have fought against racism.

My dear Trumpster! You may disagree but you badly lack primary education where fundamental ethics of humanity are taught. Let me suggest you a wonderful school in Massachusetts. You must at least visit it once, provided you are not banned by Massachusetts State which stands at number 1 in the world’s finest education models. This wonderful school is Amherst Regional High School in the heart of a small town Amherst, a two hour drive from Boston.  You must be wondering how I know it being a humble Pakistani. Believe me I don’t intend to kill the people of United states and did not collect this detailed information to plan a massacre; on the other hand, and sorry to disappoint your intellect, got an opportunity to visit that school and meet the common American teachers.

DJT! Don’t wait, but get admission in any class of that school and you will find Mark Jackson who is the principal and you will surely get an inspiration from him. Actually, he can deal with you in a great manner, as he has dealt with his students by writing “zero tolerance for hatred” on the walls of  the school. You should meet Samantha E. Camera as well who is an active Social Studies teacher, and she has seen Muslims closely. I saw her chatting with Pakistani teachers and chanting with Iraqi students and you should know that most of them were Muslims. She has seen Pakistan and Indonesia and have had good time here with common Muslim people. She can be your best mentor because she knows that not every Muslim or Pakistani is an extremist. You should meet Annie Paradis who is a Biology teacher and one of my best friends. Do let me know if you need any assistance? I can talk to her and she will deal with you with all respect and can also explain how harmful a Muslim community is! Being a Biology teacher, she can also explain what happened to your biochemistry when you were delivering that hate speech. Before I forget, I must tell you about an old lady in the same school who is assistant teacher and I found her very kind although she knew that I am from Muslim community. She asked me many questions about my culture and traditions but in a descent way. Never forget meeting her rather request her to your teacher to learn manners.

Trumpy!  You know what? An American lady had tears in her eyes when she was leaving for United States from Pakistan. You might land in a state of shock on this information. She had tears for Muslim friends who love her and she loves them. Do not delay to get trained from the finest people on planet who hate the hatred. I wanted to introduce you to my teacher as well but forget about her for two reasons. (i) She can’t bear your thoughts (ii) she deals in higher education, so once you complete your early year program, then do let me know, you will be bearable.

Donald!  History has seen people like you in every regime. You can’t actually ban peaceful people; in fact, you need to get primary education. You can’t break the bond of love and respect between humans just for those tiny fractions who have nothing to do with humanity and religions. Don! Mind it, you can ban other religions for your country but you can’t ban the friendship and affections that common American keeps for others. You need nothing but a rigorous educational program at primary level by the finest school in Amherst and supervision by empathetic and learned teachers to teach you empathy and love.

I look forward sitting you one of those classes because you dream to become president of ‘United’ states by spluttering separating thoughts

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Umair Qureshi
Beacon House School System
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