After 2020, 90% of the jobs will require digital skills


The technology-driven world in which we live is a world filled with promise but also challenges. Powerful new technologies are increasing productivity, improving lives, and reshaping our world. But what happens to our jobs?

After 2020, 90% of the jobs will require digital skills, here will be job requirements for mastering digital skills only by the year of 2020, while there are approximately 170 million people in Europe nowadays, who don’t acquire the basic knowledge the EU Commissioner for the Digital Economy, Mariya Gabriel, said few days ago.

She further said that we are still a long way to go. The data today is alarming. 80 million Europeans have never used the Internet. Only 44% of all 500 million citizens and 37% of Europe’s active workforce have basic digital skills. After 2020, around 90% of jobs will require basic digital skills and knowledge. About 40% of companies that want to hire IT specialists say they find it hard to find qualified employees.

In 2020, there will be 500,000 vacant posts for IT professionals in the field of information and communication technology. These statistics were revealed in Keynote speech by Commissioner Mariya Gabriel on 2nd Regional Digital Summit: Towards the competitive and future proof digital Europe.

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Rohayl Varind

The author is an international award winning social entrepreneur, innovator & educationist. He is also the ambassador & jury member of World Summit Awards. He tweets as @RohaylVarind

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