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I was born 11th of July 1985 in Maribor, Slovenia (Ex-Yugoslavia) to Slovenian mother and Italian father as the youngest from three daughters. As a family we lived in Slovenska Bistrica to my fourteenth year, and then my parents divorced. I went to live with my father in Maribor, where I attended High School “Prva Gimnazija Maribor.”

In 2003/04 I lived in Barcelona where I was involved with exhibitions, events, concerts and performances in the socio-cultural centre that encouraged free expression of the young and rebellious.
From 2004 until 2009 I lived in Italy and studied at Academy of Fine Arts in Venice where I finished then my second degree diploma Master of Fine Arts in 2011.

I have now lived in Berlin (Germany) since 2009 when was born my daughter Teodora Vio and where I continue to create paintings and collages, sculptures and installations, performances, happenings and movies. As well as I am getting involved with art events and talks about art.

My work is inspired by life. Of course the artists often make the problems of their time and their space within it and the society the subject of their work. They question, cajole, discover and provoke. You can find all this within my works, formed through my experiences and the need to create. I believe that the artist is a slave to the need to create and the only freedom is the act of creation itself. Art is sacred but the world is no longer thus. It is full of arguments, paradoxes, destructions, hurry and tears. The artist´s role here is torn between the sacredness of mischievous poetry and the impatience of everyday life that constantly brings new situations and with them ideas and inspirations. As an artist, I am recounting the tale of my life, writing the poem of my discovery and painting my emotions, constantly filing time and space with unstoppable ideas. Somehow I believe artists have no deadlines and no break. They know culture and rules of beauty, but always hiding something revolutionary within them. Art should be a mirror and should give an option of perception to reach the truth about life, however it is colored, personally or politically, whether it speaks about emotions of an individual or about the society we live in.

All my art pieces are arranged in series which have same thematic, same object of research or simply they belong to the same period of creativity.

Since I started creating art, the main theme of my art research is the society we live in and an individual person as a part of this society, this living organism in constant movement and evolution. The symbol I’ve always used for describing the society are bricks.

In 2014 I chose to continue my art research with a new series, called Portraits of Situations, where artworks are named by numbers and all of them are recognizable through this motif of bricks as a representative symbol of my brand. There are different themes and topics in these artworks, of course, but they all have this same constant symbol of bricks. The first series that contained bricks actually started back in 2012 with the title About the Bricks, but at the time it was not planned or chosen as a main symbol of my brand, it was spontaneous inspiration and action, as usual with my art. Now, however, I deliberately choose this idea of bricks for presenting and explaining my brand conceptually with stronger and clearer recognition.

Bricks are like particles, together creating something bigger. As in life, moments create time, experiences compose life stories, and individuals make society… For example, in music we have melody which is composed of musical notes; and this concept of melody as a symbol of life, for example, I used in 2007 with the series Melody of Life.

Since the beginning of my art research, my main story is a life story, story about an individual living in this society. Microcosm and Macrocosm. Diary of a person and at the same time a diary of the time in which this person is living. It is a mirror, a story, a construction, an interpretation, an interaction, an intellectual exercise… It is a composition which is always in movement, made of philosophy, poetry and experience seeking for an evolution, for a better life. I believe we learn to live throughout our lives; learning to live better and to understand better what our lives are all about. And this is my work, where my artworks are actually the results of my studies about life.

I find bricks as a symbol very interesting because of the ambiguity in the possibilities of interpretations that bricks can give us as a wall or as a construction. As a wall it could be seen also as an obstacle, like a barrier or sign of limit or separation in life. In this case we might see it as negative, but alternatively it can be seen as a construction and therefore more positive and creative. However, in case of representing the society, we people are all these bricks and together we create a wall or a construction. In this case we could ask ourselves how good and strong we are as bricks? In the case where these bricks represent a life of an individual person, they become moments in life of this person. And going back to the ambiguity of wall or a construction: in difficult times the together of bricks could be interpreted as a wall we have to climb, and in good times these bricks are a construction which we are creating through our experience of moments for our evolution.

To date I have exhibited my artworks in various solo and group shows in Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Serbia, Sweden, Turkey, Germany, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Argentina, USA and South Korea.

I am recently working on the series Portraits of Situations and continuing with short movies from series Playing, which speaks about life as the game we have to play every day.

The message here would be the question how good and strong bricks are we as individuals in the society we live in? I guess the most important issue here is the goodness and wisdom of human being as an individual person and with this the usefulness we bring as individuals in the society we live in. The richness here would be in understanding the life we live and our importance as good human beings in this game, which we play every day.


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