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Up, Close and Artsy with Barbara Bezina

Times of Youth: For those of our readers who may still be unaware of your works, how would you briefly describe it?

Disturbing, deep, intense, very colorful and very different from each other.

Times of Youth: What does ‘art’ mean to you?

It’s a way of life and is the way I connect with my higher self and other spirits and energies and such things.

Times of Youth: We have seen your works and most of seems atypical and yet creative. What makes your imagination so unreal?

I don’t adjudge to my imagination. I think all that is out there somewhere. I’m just a channel, a tool. It’s not about just me; what I do is not about personal or individual things. It is something bigger than me.

Times of Youth: Most of your muses are women. Any specific reason for this choice?

The concept of muse never existed for me. As I said, what I do artistically is not personal, I just leave my mind empty, and let things happen. What I do in digital art is with women, yes, but I figure these women as a whole, as an energy, as the force of change. When I just paint or draw, I make monsters and strange creatures.

Times of Youth: What/who has been your ideal all along your colorful journey?

I have no ideals, and if I have it, it is to not limit myself and be open to new and different things always.

Times of Youth: How does your family react to your works, considering they are so offbeat?

All I do is artistically diverse. There are works for all different tastes. Overall, my art is liked by all people who are close to me.

Times of Youth: Since the start of your career so far, have you encountered any particular incident that literally changed your entire life/perspective?

There was a realization that the world/art market was not for me, so I wasn’t interested at all, and automatically abandoned all that. At that moment I freed myself of everything and have no pretensions about it. Now, I just do what I do, nothing more.

Times of Youth: You delve in photo mixing and digital art, too. Since nowadays everything is more and more digitalized, including paintings, what do you think are future prospects for old style artistry?

Although I mostly do digital art, nothing compares to paint a picture. Personally its what I like to do. I don’t think the old style is undermined, although technology advances increasingly. Perhaps more art becomes technologically done, but I think both can complement each other.

Times of Youth: Little birdy told us that if it wasn’t for art, you would have gone for entertainment industry. Is that true? And why?

Either you got the wrong bird, or got the wrong person. Nothing could be farther from the truth! Entertainment is not my thing at all. The art came with me. I brought it under my arm, and although I have not spent all my time to make art, I never had doubts about what I wanted to do.

Times of Youth: What professional advice would you want to give to all the new and aspiring artists of the younger generation?

Don’t limit yourself, don’t hesitate to experiment and find your own way of doing things. Always keep looking and testing; if you close only at one thing, everything becomes a little boring. Playing and having fun is a part of creation.

Times of Youth: Any message that you’d like to give for the youth of today via Times Of Youth?

Be true to yourself. Don’t look for examples to follow, no matter what others think or say; there isn’t only one way of doing things (there are many!). Open yourself to the largest, look inside yourself because that is what you need. Life only makes sense if you do what you truly feel.

Times of Youth: Do tell us how your admirers can contact you to share their appreciation and suggestions.

Both through e-mail or blog or Facebook page can communicate with me, I always answer the messages.

[email protected]

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