The Beauty Of A Pure Soul – A Woman

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A woman pure as a dew drop, delicate as a silk string, pretty as a butterfly, strong as a tide. A woman was made out of a rib yet she stands strong. If only she understood her own value she wouldn’t be in pain.
She feels that she ain’t someone special; she doesn’t realize that she does not need anyone to make her see herself as a great person. The moment she starts believing in herself and respecting herself enough, she would rise above all and against all odds.

A woman so strong, so polite, so caring, she’s often equated to an angel of this world. She is a daughter, a sister, a mother, a companion in happiness and sorrow.

Throughout her life she goes through a number of phases that help her grow, make her strong when she’d lose confidence somewhere in between, and the moment she breaks down into pieces, she’s got enough strength to get up by gathering all those broken pieces of her, glue them together and get back with her life.

God has given her such a pretty stature; if only she saw herself as God had made her, she would realize how precious she is, how beautiful she is from inside no matter how she looks or what color of her skin she may have. Woman in every form is God’s handiwork.

She starts her life in this world first as her father’s princess, the coolness of her parents’ eyes and later as a lady as she thinks.
She is her daddy’s little treasure of her house, a precious gem of her family.
In olden days, one used to think it is the son which carries the pride of family, where as now people have come to realize that what is true is really the contrast. A girl in actual terms carry the pride and respect of her family, most of the girls know not or might realize this much later.

Her journey continues as daughter alone with few more titles such as sister, friend, best friend, special friend, soul mate, wife, mother, daughter-in-law, etc. The list goes on. And in all of these, she is tested every step of the way in terms of her kindness, strength, patience, confidence. If only she would value herself more she would be unstoppable. She is that pearl which is held down in a strong shell until it is discovered and out in the world where nobody knows its true value. And even then, she cannot be given a value. She’s priceless!

She is that unstoppable force of nature that stays calm for an incredibly long period of her life, even in trying times, but when the she loses it, that would be the end of your story. She can be pushed to her maximum threshold and she wont utter a word, but when time comes, yes, she will rise above everyone and teach you how to behave. You wouldn’t want to push her that far cause it might get real nasty at times.

God has given her a special place.
Paradise lies beneath her feet; what else could a woman want?
They deserve respect in every way. But respect is earned when you learn to respect your own self first to set the norms of how you want to be treated. Only then will others know how you want to be dealt with. If you degrade yourself in any way especially in the name of liberalization, so will the rest of the world.

All she need to do is-

Firdos Rahman
MGM Institute of Health Sciences.

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7k shares, 55036 points

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