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I  am a Painter, an Interior Designer, a Graphic Designer and a Product Designer. I have simply a very big passion for art since my birth in 1978. All the world around me is filtered through art, and so my family, as well as my teachers encouraged me to develop this passion.

By traveling the world and discovering mother nature in all her beauty, I got inspired from every little walk I took in my life.

I love all living beings that I encounter, some of which I incorporate in my artwork. My particular fondness of cats for example, traced back to my lost beloved cat, made me center many of my work on these beautiful felines but also help raise awareness on their abuse.

I worked for many clients worldwide leaving behind both a highly positive impact and very satisfying artworks. Everyone noticed that once I get inspired by an idea, nothing can stop my stream of creativity and many of my contributions exceeded all expectations.

As early as 1995, I started a solo exhibition of my work entitled ‘Childhood’. I also participated in the 2008, 2009 and 2010 Painting and Design Exhibitions organized by the internationally recognised Design School Lasalle College. I am the winner of many  online logo contests in Logomyway and 99designs.

Currently, I am raising the bar by launching huge intercultural project that I will be soon revealing on my website, its message for the youth will be about the importance of protecting and reviving the unpreserved old arts and crafts for future generations, and adapting it to tastes and aesthetics of the moment.

You can see the work entitled Violence: according to cats at :





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