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After a 35 year career as a Nurse, my life has taken a new path, as an Artist. I graduated with a B.A. Fine Arts from Wirral Metropolitan College, July 2011 (at the age of 46yr). I have always been interested in Art; it was the only qualification I left school with. I went to college to gain more qualifications and became a nurse. I have worked hard in my nursing career gaining a nursing degree and nursing master’s degree and also in my art career. Since graduating I have been working hard to establish myself as a professional artist, with representation with an a great organisation called Vivid Arts Network with bases in both New York, USA and Florence, Italy.

My work has developed and grown over the years. I tend to work in two mediums, Acrylic, and Pen and ink, although still dabble in oils. I am an expressive artist exploring the abstract figurative form, and Abstract using inspiration of Zentangle. I use my art to portray feelings and emotions. My works are a form of Zen Meditation/Zentangle using the circle in a repetitive manner as a means of shading, providing form and tone to the piece. I have exhibited my works in Florence, Italy, New York (USA) and Toronto (Canada). My works have featured on the covers of Art Tour International Magazine which has a subscription of 2.4million readers.

My work as an artist is starting to really take off now, and I am receiving a lot of interest in my work. I paint because I want to and it’s what I like to do to wind down from work to distress, my work helps me to relax, de-stress and I disappear into the work when I am painting. I never set out to be a successful selling artist. I feel I am a successful artist and that gives me pleasure, as well as to the viewer looking at my work. So, a part of my pleasure comes in exhibiting and showing off my work wherever I can. It’s never too late to do what you dreamed of doing. I was not able to pursue an art career in my earlier years. It was not until 2006 that I picked up a paintbrush again after 26 years. It was then I became hooked and it has grown and developed. So my message is, if you feel you should be doing something that you always wanted to do then go for it. Also, to achieve your ambitions in life you need to be prepared to put in the hard work and hours, it does not come handed to you on a plate. I believe I was meant to be an artist. I love being a nurse but art is where I am the most happiest.

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