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Saad Nazir | Interview

Times of Youth: Do tell our readers about your work in brief for those who may be unaware.

Saad Nazir: My name is Saad Nazir and I am known as “Gamesboiler” throughout YouTube and other social media. I have a YouTube channel where I usually upload games walkthroughs, gameplays, reviews and comparison etc. Other than YouTube, I have Facebook page where I post video game facts daily and sometime gaming news too.

Times of Youth: When did you decide that being a gamer was your calling?

Saad Nazir: Well, it happened back in 2012 when I got admission in university, I made website named “Xidcity” as a gaming website but apparently that was a fail (because of less knowledge). I tried 2 years to maintain it and lastly turned that into medical website as I’m student of M.B.B.S. After that, in 2014 when I got my PS4, I started YouTube channel to start again an undone dream.

Times of Youth: ‘GamesBoiler’ is an unusual name. What made you choose it for your project?

Saad Nazir: Yes, its unusual name, at the time of making new channel I had no idea for suitable name. Concept behind this name is “Games” & “Boiler” like “boiling video games in a new way” as my slogan is “Let’s boil it together”.

Times of Youth: How did you conjure up the idea of revealing gaming facts using web as a portal?

Saad Nazir: You may know “8Gaming” (real name David); basically I took the similar idea from “8Facts” and I’m reader of “8gaming”. So, I took basic idea from him but I added some humor into facts, like I usually write ‘XBOB’ in place of ‘XBOX’.

Times of Youth: Being a medical student, what are your future plans in the field of medicine?

Saad Nazir: Well, as in Pakistan liver transplantation is costly and many patients usually prefer other countries for transplantation so my further plan is to establish a liver transplantation center and other then that I have interest in Cardiology, too. So that totally depends on time and circumstances.

Times of Youth: From where do you gather time for all these games to play?

Saad Nazir: That’s the same question my father asks me every time. Seriously, I usually give most of my time to playing games with my friends and as I’m a medical student, I have some restriction regarding time, but yes sometimes I have to wake up early & sometimes I have to sleep late just to complete some games and updating my channel, seriously it’s kind of fun when you have short time and you have to choose between your daily routine & games, and yes studies!

Times of Youth: What is your idea of a perfect game?

Saad Nazir: Well, in my opinion, a game must be of any type but main thing is it must catch every gamer into its circle, and yes, a game is game. So, I don’t think that we must seek for reality in games. Like GTA series, no doubt in real world one can’t easily pick a gun and start spraying bullets on roads and kill everyone but still if you ask a 90 years old to play GTA, I’m pretty sure that he/she will fairly play the game as if they are gamers from before. On the other hand, it’s truth that such games spread abusive stuff. I wish Rockstar and EA mix up SIMS and GTA series and make one single game.

Times of Youth: Which has been your most favorite game of all time?

Saad Nazir: No doubt I love Grand Theft Auto series (especially GTA5) as I do play GTA5 all the time, but yes, it’s hard to choose between GTA and God of War series.

Times of Youth: Any achievement of yours which you’re most proud of?

Saad Nazir: That’s kind of hard question for me at this stage as there is still a long way to go, but yes I am proud of “GamesBoiler” because when I started it last year I had no viewers and no ideas, but now it’s on some stage that I can say am proudly running “GamesBoiler”.

Times of Youth: Has your work ever been criticized? How did you handle it?

Saad Nazir: Well, luckily my family and friends are supportive in this case, and yes sometimes some comments irritate me, but I usually ignore them because everyone have his own opinion and right to express it.

Times of Youth: What advice would you give to the young emerging gamers who still have a long way to go?

Saad Nazir: As I’m a beginner too and still on the road to success, all I want to say is “Be Yourself” and “Stick to it”- these both rules will ultimately help you finding your place. If gaming is your passion then yes, play games, and if you think you can dance on camera while playing a game then yes, just do it. For few initial videos it’ll be difficult, but yes, in the end you’ll find it fun. Just stick to it and don’t lose hope. Additionally if anyone needs my help they can contact me, it will be a pleasure for me.

Times of Youth: Any message that you would like to share for the youth via Times of Youth?

Saad Nazir: As I said “stick” to whatever you want to be or whatever passion you have, don’t lose hope. Remember always that failure is the key to success, so always be ready to fail and push your limits next time, but don’t lose hope.

Times of Youth: Do tell us how fans and admirers can contact you to share their appreciation and feedback.

Saad Nazir: I always try to reply to each and every one on YouTube and Facebook.
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GamesBoiler
YouTube: http://www.YouTube.com/GamesBoiler
Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/GamesBoiler

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