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Role of ‘Gun Control’ to facilitate Crime Reduction



United Nations passed a Small Arms Programme of Action to restrict the use the ammunition feeding diseases and the assault weapons, but we need to recall does gun control constitute crime control? And can the national rates of homicide, robbery, and assault be reduced by striker restriction over the use of weapons?

Before the start of the main debate we also have to discuss the historical background of these reforms and acts related to the topic. In 2009, 151 UN member states voted to begin negotiations towards legally binding Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) allowing the import and export of conventional arms. The constitutions of the countries like Cuba (chapter 1, article 3), Mexico (article 10), United States of America (2nd amendment), United Kingdom (bill right of 1689), Switzerland (article 3 weapon act), etc. allow citizens to have access over arms but the state not completely provide them the rights of weapons. States (mainly Third World Countries) who provide the complete access of weapons to its citizens respectively have poor department of justice and police force because the people of the state itself are involved the killing and violence. According to a report more than 100 million people in the world only have the legalized and registered weapons and others contain the unregistered weapons which includes in a crime. We can consider it the main reason why the crime rate in every country is increasing at large scale, especially the third world countries.

To ensure the decrease in the crime it is important to put restrictions on the use of weapons. Promotions of the Acts like handgun restriction laws, federal firearm laws, etc. are important. Furthermore states should also put some enforcement measures such as raising public awareness, enforcing arms embargoes, implementation of disarmament, starting demobilization programme, stop the illegal manufacturing, possession, stockpiling and trade of small arms and eradicating the access of automatics guns to citizens. Before issuing the weapons a state should have surveillance over the person just to ensure that the weapon may not go in wrong hands.

Moreover small tracking chips must be installed in the arms so the owner of the weapon can be tracked down. A method of clarifying crime record must also be launched in which the owner of the weapon must have a clear crime record. In these ways the crime rate and violence can be reduced at a large scale.

Tahmeem Irshad
Angels International College

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Whatsappitis- It does exist!



Who doesn’t love whatsapp!! Not only is this an amazing user friendly messaging app popular amongst the youth of today, but it can be called as one of the most used app on any mobile interface- be it iOS, android or any other. I admit to using it for the past 2-3 years myself.
But, recently I came across a shocking news of a new disorder being enlisted called Whatsappitis! I wasn’t sure whether to regard it as spam or just a mischief of the competing messaging app developers. Eventually, when leading medical journals published the entity along with a sample case, it was confirmed that Whatsappitis does exist for real!

So if you’re a person who has a habit of whatsapp-ing for with continuous movements of both thumbs to send messages, do watch out for the below. Signs and symptoms consist of bilateral wrist pain with sudden onset, no history of trauma or any excessive physical activity in the past days. Hands examination will reveal discomfort upon bilateral palpation of wrist and mobilisation of the thumb. On examination, positive for Finkelstein’s sign. The diagnosis in medical terms is bilateral extensor pollicis longus tendinitis of the thumb, which simply means inflammation of both thumbs’ muscles.
The diagnosis for this kind of bilateral wrist pain was ultimately described as a new modern-day disorder called WhatsAppitis, categorised under entity called repetitive strain injury or RSI. RSIs are also known as cumulative trauma disorders, repetitive stress injuries, repetitive motion injuries or disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, and occupational or sports overuse syndromes. Specific sources of RSIs have been popularly referred to as Blackberry thumb, iPod finger, Playstation thumb, Rubik’s wrist or “cuber’s thumb”, stylus finger, raver’s wrist, and Emacs pinky, etc. The treatment of basic analgesics or pain killers and complete abstinence from using the phone to send messages should usually lead to recovery. Although, long term consequences still remain unclear.
This was earlier called Nintendinitis, first described in 1990, and since then many injuries associated with video games and new technologies have been coming in purview. This was initially reported in children. But with the advent of smart phones and free messaging and gaming apps now, such cases are seen more in adults. This category of tenosynovitis caused by texting with cellular phones could well be regarded as an emerging disease.
Not only are many physicians unaware of this, but even the public as a whole tends to regard this a joke. But honestly, its not. Better be mindful of these new disorders and my sincere advice would be moderation in time of mobile phone usage per day. Lest you want you end up with a sore thumb!
Dr. Aafreen Kotadiya
MGM University

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