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Blood, red colored fluid running in veins, pumping up the heart, running the life. No one would have ever imagined that this fluid can be extracted or used to save someone’s life. We are always thinking to find peace, to create ease for ourselves…but only a blood donor has idea how it feels when you bleed for saving a life, how comforting, peace giving and calm this feeling is. A blood donor is not just a life saver, he is a life giver, every time you donate blood you donate life, you donate smiles, you donate happiness.

The link built because of donating blood would never end and the donor would never die, he will stay alive in the veins of others. There are many people who think that donating blood would make them sick or it causes obesity, but these all are myths made by some un-educated person. I, being a volunteer at a student based organization named JZT, Jehad for zero thalassemia have experienced this many a time that people hesitate from donating blood. They may do not have idea that by one prick of the needle which is inserted to donate blood may save two or three people’s life.

One person can donate blood after every four months, and red blood cells have to die after every four months, so blood cells are already going to be recycled, why not donate them and someone’s life? There is an amazing fact about the blood volume of human beings, normal human body contains 5 to 5.5 liters while a normal body needs 4.5 to 4.7 liters, so technically the blood volume above 4.5 liters is already extra in your body, and that is someone else’ debt on you, you owe it to them.

There are many people who may need blood transfusions i.e. during surgery or in case of accident, but one kind is most fatal, the thalassemic. They need blood after two weeks; one bag of blood will save them just for two weeks. Such people are completely depending on other’s blood. How can someone refuse to those innocent faces for blood? No one would! Donating blood to thalassemic not only brings life to them but also to their parents and care givers too. One, who saves the life of a single person, saves the whole humanity (Al-Quran). So in this way, a blood donor saves the whole humanity, and if he is a regular donor, he saves humanity every three months. It’s huge, if one realizes it.

Blood donation is a phenomenon that connects people together. It is a process which benefits the receiver and the giver both. The recipient gets only blood but the donor gets a lot of benefits. It decreases the risk of heart attacks and hyper tension. It helps in improving cardiovascular health. A deadly disease cancer’s risk can be reduced by donating blood. Blood donation is a noble and peaceful way of showing that you love humanity and want to save it. On this day, 14th June, 2017 let’s make an intention, a promise of donating blood regularly for thalassemic and in any case of emergency too.

Written by Moazzama Ibrahim
JZT Pakistan

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