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Red Bull don’t gives you wings

So basically, yesterday I was shopping in the supermarket when I came across this can of Red bull. Uh, well, my trusted lifted over from this so-called energy drink (atleast what I think), after going through the news of uh, how red bull was accused of stating a false tagline. “redbull gives you Wiiings!” Red Bull Gives You Wings? Well, not literally but, the famous energy drink carries a tagline with it that reads ‘Gives you Wings’! But for all those who believed in the tagline literally, can now breathe a sigh of relief, as this person in United States has sued the Austrian-based company Red Bull GmbH for their witty-but-false tagline. Don’t pop your eyes, it’s true.

US resident Benjamin Careathersm has sued the energy drink brand; saying that even after consuming the Red Bull drink for 10 years, he had neither experienced any enhanced athleticism and intellectual performance, nor did he grow any ‘WINGS’! The $13.5m lawsuit is focussed on the advertising statement by the Red Bull drink- ‘Red Bull Gives You Wiiings’. Following this the energy drink brand is forced to settle the lawsuit. They have solemnly promised to refund USD 10 to all those US customers who had brought and consumed the energy drink since the year 2002. The company has also agreed to amend the future advertisements in order to avoid the costs and distraction of such silly legal action. However, the Red Bull brand has maintained that the marketing and labeling has always been true and that there is no puffery in it, as the energy drink has performance enhancing properties other than just caffeine; like other caffeine drinks. Although, scientifically it has not been proven yet that Red Bull energy drink can actually enhance your athletic or intellectual performance, but rather just give you a dose of caffeine. But the energy drink has always promoted its product as one of the superior brands, worthy enough of its price over any other caffeinated drink.

The Federal Court will hold a final hearing on May 1, 2015 to finally approve or disapprove the settlement. If the court approves the settlement, payments will be forwarded within 150 days after the final approval. The reimbursement will be in form of cheque to all claimants

by Wajeeha Naeem (Pakistan)
The City School

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