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I was born in Palermo in Sicily in 1957 in a family of farmers. As a child I loved art and I always had the desire to create a work that in turn could express my inner reality and my vision of the world. An interior vision has developed and continues to develop still, thanks to the experience of life, to breathe a spirit of inquiry into the true nature of reality. At the age of 17, I have been on a journey in art and knowledge in a personal and independent manner, comparing them with different expressive techniques: painting in its various modes, with poetry, photography, and recently with the sculpture, alongwith with studies of philosophy, astrology and pisicologia that have integrated and enriched my experience as an artist. I’m living in Volterra in Tuscany for over 30 years where I continue, my journey, creative and existential. In the course of time I made several solo and group exhibitions in Italy and abroad, and at the moment I am working to create two new exhibitions, one in Volterra, where other Italian artists meet artists from Brazil, to give life to an initiative of the meetings that we hope will be the beginning of a long lasting experience, and the other is a group exhibition on the theme of the dream, as an instrument of creation, to be held in Florence. The two exhibitions will be held this year. During the exhibition of Florence, I will host an evening of reading of my poems.

I want to express my message to young people, with my poetry.

Beyond tomorrow lash
As the stone from a slingshot
Blind into the future
Abandoning despair

Dare to decide
Dare to get lost
Dare to die

Higher than the stars
With a cry disperse the haze
Gnash with rage
Biting time

Dare to feel
Dare to act
Dare to live

Just be!

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