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Problems faced by the youth today



The youth of today has been widely outclassed; they do not consider themselves to be too young to be pampered, and they are not supposed to be old enough to take responsibility on their own shoulders. The main problem is the communication gap between them and their elders — the former believing themselves to be old enough for taking their own decisions for matters personal or social while the latter just refuse to hand over this responsibility to them.

This leads to temperaments rising high more often. The most common problem a person faces at this phase of life is peer pressure. They are pressures which either dare or threat the youth into doing what one would rather avoid. Some people are naturally competitive and they strive to act in ways that could help settle their ‘image’ either to impress or intimidate others. This can be seen in their disobedience of their elders who try to advice them through experiences which these young ones lack at the moment but fail at it dismally. Six out of every 10 such people are usually short- tempered and rude in their response. Many hesitate in taking their parents’ advice in different matters, particularly in issues which according to them are very modest and thus they land up in taking up the wrong decision. Today’s youth is more outgoing, more extravagant in their desires and less into their studies; they are stubbornly leading a luxurious lifestyle and know less of the benefits of hard work excluding fitness.

However, this article is not just about problems faced by the youth today from the elite class, the privileged. In our society, unfortunately, there are many young people who cannot even afford to go to school. They remain illiterate and are shamefully and mercilessly forced into child labour when they ought to be learning and enjoying life like the rest of their age group. A number of them face problems and some even lost their life or limb, doing jobs which are meant for older people. Sometimes, racism and/or discrimination against people of opposite gender, caste, creed or religion makes them a victim of emotional disorder. They have low self-esteem and can easily be overridden by views of other people. This is in special reference to the general concept of male domination over women who are taken for granted in respect to their specialisation at house chores. Because today’s children are less concerned with politics, they are vulnerable to be used in anti- social activities with false charms that lure them into active participation. They are kept hostages for ransom and/or turned into militants in the name of religion as displayed by the Lal Masjid incident. Last but not the least, are the so-called love issues which have dramatically been on rise since the past few years, but end mostly in the destruction of lives either by suicide of oneself/murder of the opposing one or by eternal misery which renders them mentally unfit.

The depression overpowers them and very few are able to cope up with it as another aspect of the ups and downs of life. We should remember that the more we remain down-to-earth and enjoy life as it is meant to be, the better we stay for the rest of our lives. One should always remain aware of where his actions can lead him to in future. Though it is believed that everything is predestined in our lives, we still are responsible for our deeds since God has provided us a brain to think before doing anything. It can be justly said that this age is the most difficult part of life and each and every one of us have to pass. Man is said to be learning throughout his life. It is not that one cannot recover later in life but by then it may be too late as time can prove to be the worst opponent in any fight. Therefore, we should take note of our slip-ups when there is time left and even if failure approaches us, overcome it with complete domination as John Keats once said “Don’t be discouraged by a failure.

It can be a positive experience. Failure is, in a sense, the highway to success, in as much as every discovery of what is false leads us to seek earnestly after what is true, and every fresh experience points out to some form of error which we shall afterwards carefully avoid.”

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5-year-old Child from Pakistan Wins Global Award



5 year old Child from Pakistan wins Global Award

5-year-old Child from Peshawar, Pakistan wins the global award. A local boy Essa Zaheer who is five-year-old made Pakistan proud when his two-minute film won first prize in the “Peace in the Street Global Film Festival (PSGFF)” at the United Nations headquarters.

The short film by Essa Zaheer, “I will be your Spiderman,” stood first among the 320 movies made by young.

The film shows how a kid becomes Spiderman and spends all his savings to buy uniform and books for a young girl working in his house as a maid.

Essa Zaheer was presented with the prize in the United Nations Headquarters in New York while his family accompanying him was given a tour of the UN offices and the United States State Department. 

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Slum girl beats all odds to secure distinction in SSC exam



16-year-old Nargis Gul from the slums of Chakwal has just proved that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome by sheer hard work and determination. Nargis, born and raised in the slums, decided not to let the odds come in the way of her dream to excel in education. She secured 1,004 marks in Senior Secondary Certificate (SSC) annual examination and also topped her class.

In a video message shared online, she said: “I have obtained 1,004 marks after so much hard work despite the hard conditions as we don’t even have a reasonable residence, whenever it rains, everything inside our hut gets wet along with my books,” further adding “I do not want any laptop from the government, but only education”.

She resides in a gypsy house containing two small rooms with her family and her mother sell the bangles to earn money. Her two cousins Aakash and Aksar are also studying in class eight to follow her.

The chief minister Punjab congratulated Nargis Gull on obtaining 1004 marks in science subjects in Rawalpindi Board matric examination and announced a free house for the talented student. The chief minister said that a free of charge house will be given to the student in Lahore or Chakwal according to her choice. He also gifted  five lakh rupees for day-to-day expenditure of Nargis Gull and her family whereas her educational expenses will also be borne by the provincial government. Shehbaz Sharif said that Nargis Gull has obtained outstanding marks in science subjects due to hard work despite difficult circumstances. He said that talented students like Nargis Gull are bright future of Pakistan and the nation is proud of her. He said that Punjab government will bear educational expenditure of Nargis Gull throughout her educational career.

The chief minister also talked to Gul’s teacher on phone in Chakwal and appreciated her efforts.

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Was it like this when you were young?



‘Was it like this when you were young?’ My son often asks me whenever he comes across a new hurdle that shortens his carefree days as a free-spirited child of nine. He is not alone in asking this question; I believe all the kids ask the same innocent question all across Pakistan and all the parents feel as helpless as me when they try to answer this simple, yet a very heavy question.

I just came back from dropping him to his cricket academy and while I am typing this article, my heart is continuously thinking of all the terrible things that can happen to him out there; especially after the heinous incident in Kasur where children of such tender ages were subjected to demonic pornographic crimes for years. This crime which came to surface in the first week of August 2015 reported can even make Genghis Khan feel ashamed once. Such an organized porn crime against children and that too under the protection of who is who in higher places; really it was unheard of. Where is justice now?

Daily, I add two or more ‘do’s and don’ts’ of things to protect him from all the known and the unknown dangers out there, and I see his young exasperated face thinking his mom has definitely gone crazy, confirmed!  I am sure his cricket trainer thinks I am the most paranoid parent alive but am I to be blamed?

I tried putting myself in the shoes of the Kasur kids’ parents and other parents of kids who face sexual harassment; they have to deal with multiple struggles at the same time, especially in a society like Pakistan where everything is a taboo. Not only in  getting legal justice but taking care of their kids’ psychological health and physical health at the same time. It will take years to feel normal again after what Kasur kids went through. They are just like my kid; too young to enough understand the harsh realities of life and what they went through doesn’t even happen in wars when an enemy force takes over a country and unleashes hell on the citizens. God forbid, if my child is succumbed to such a fate and falls prey to such wolves and their brutal games of death, I would die. I know I will. I love my child so much that the mere idea of him going through such demonic trials is enough to make me sleepless for nights. I really pray for all the brave parents who have to rebuild their lives and their children’s lives again.

Crimes against children, whether in the name of terrorism or due to the rotten frustrated state of the society and its morals, have increased terribly and the news that come to us is just the tip of the iceberg. The days of simple  ‘don’t talk to strangers’  instructions are over , and now can I blame my child for being anti-social and not greeting others as much as he should? When he goes out on the streets, I strictly tell him to stick to his own friends and don’t try to be friendly with anyone else. I have given him the strict set of rules to follow. My heart simply pains when I remember my care free days of playing in the streets in my neighborhood and reading Enid Blyton books and trying to copy what the characters did in the Famous five series. We had a trouble free, care free childhood and we had a standard safety guide to follow that was not marked as vulnerable to all the imaginable crimes and threats, unlike present times.

After the start of war against terrorism, the security issues regarding schools have increased a lot. The Peshawar APS attack  in December 2014 was the worst of its kind that made all hearts bleed, but even before that I remember my young son, then four or five daily asking me, ‘Is the school open today?’ Parents and students and even teachers and administration used to pray for schools to open after they used to be closed for endless days due to different  threats and there used to be no news of them opening at a specific date. Now school trips are out of question in most of the schools, and the careful screening that takes place daily at the school gate is enough to shock anyone who sees Pakistani students going to their respective schools for the first time. The security at the airports can learn a thing or two from the schools security department and the guards standing on the roof of the school building. Imagine going to educational institutions like this and the negative psychological effect on their young minds of the students.

In this era of such negativity, fear and perverts roaming freely, what can we do to keep all the kids safe; not just our own but all the kids of this beloved homeland safe. Instead of just celebrating the Independence Day or Defense Day or International Children Day, let’s work together to give our children freedom from all the shackles that they are tied in. Let us truly guarantee their freedom by pushing the government to pass legislation to ensure child rights and severe punishments for those who are found abusing children in any way. Let us start by giving exemplary punishments to all the persons involved in child abuse crimes whether they are directly or indirectly involved. No one should be spared because of his position. Otherwise, many more Kasur incidents will continue to take place and our kids will be at risk all the time. Let us all work together to bring peace in our country. Let’s pledge to free our kids from this question, “Was it like this when you were young?”

Sabeen Masaud 
Beaconhouse School System

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