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By profession Prakash is an Interior Designer & Photography is his passion he is the Cofounder/CEO of DP Photography & Design. He hails from India born & brought up in Kolkata & moved to UAE in 2006, this is where on 2012 he started doing Digital Photography but from child hood he is into Art be it music, painting or doing photography with his dad’s film camera. As per him he doesn’t believe in out of the camera pictures he says photography for him is an expression of his Feelings, Thoughts & Ideas. He is always creating something either through is profession or passion. He is not bounded by a single genre or style of photography he loves to shoot all kinds be it Architecture, Landscape or Fashion but his favorite genre is Fine Art, Wildlife & Astro photography, as per him “if you stick to 1 thing you will miss the fun shooting others”. As per him he don’t have any single classic photographer for him “ I get influenced from everyday life, work of other painters / artist, music etc.” For him it’s the story surrounding the subject or the environment which is the most important.





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