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I was born in 1960, and studied science and 6,5 years of medicine in Bordeaux as an intern. Then at 25, I decided to go for what I loved i.e, art. I have been at it till then. I’ve participated in many exhibitions and important biennials. I have works all over the world in every continent. But, my most important achievement has been to experience that the universe is highly intelligent and guided, and therefore has developed the talent of interfering as least as possible, so that creative intelligence can operate with the least limitation. Only then true miracles happen. The kind one cannot understand, but just observe. And that is the future of not only art, but any field, where one has realized that we as individual are very small and limited, and that the best we can achieve is to be of good service for all. Then the universe will make better use of us. Love for love, always is my motto.


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