Pakistan’s First Solar Bags

Pakistan’s First Solar Bags by Rohayl Varind. Rohayl’s solar bags helps children & their family members with education, safety & employment.

His Solar Bags charges during the day so children can study & move freely at night. There are still several areas of Pakistan that don’t have adequate access to electricity. This means at night-time, entire communities are plunged into darkness. Their Solar Bags helps and support not only 1 child but whole family. As his solar bags has long lasting battery, 2 bright bulbs and USB socket.

Kids living in slums & underprivileged areas of Pakistan mostly don’t have safe sources of light to study at night, or to do their homework because of no electricity. Alongside this, they also have the daily danger of walking to and from toilet or answering nature’s call in open and dark streets at night. There houses lack adequate light to perform basic household activities such as preparing meals. In order to ease these everyday problems. Mohammad Rohayl Varind transformed simple School Bags into Solar School Bags.

Besides the benefits of a decline in carbon emissions, Mohammad Rohayl Varind’s solar bags opens up new avenues of economic opportunities, creation of new jobs in addition to its health-related benefits.

Sunlight is a renewable energy source, meaning we will never run out of it. Coal and gas are fossil fuels and will eventually run out. And in his sunny country there’s plenty of sunshine all year round.

Light To Study After Dark

Every Solar Bag is fitted with a portable solar panel that turns bulb on by providing up to 6-10 hours of light for studying & doing homework in dark. In Pakistan electricity supply is & people face hours of load-shedding. Moreover many underprivileged areas doesn’t have access to electricity & they can’t afford kerosene lamps or candles.

Creating Earning Opportunities For Females

Besides the benefits of a decline in carbon emissions, his solar bags opens up new avenues of economic opportunities, creation of new jobs in addition to its health-related benefits. Rohayl’s Solar Bags helps female earn extra income by stitching & doing handicraft at night.

Safety For Going To Toilet

As most of children don’t have access to proper toilet so they go to open area or crops fields nearby but it has huge chances of children getting attacked by wild animals like dogs & snakes sleeping or roaming nearby. WaterAid report says Pakistan is now the seventh worst country in world in terms of access to basic sanitation facilities * 21.8m people in Pakistan still defecate in the open.

Beneficiaries (People who received his solar bags)

“I am 7 years old and I have 3 more siblings who are younger than me. I live in a slum and we don’t have a toilet at our home or nearby. So me & my family goes to an empty plot opposite our home. In dark it gets extremely tough to go there as there are several stray dogs roaming around. Due to Solar Bags now me & my family feels safe.” -Sana

“Living in darkness is extremely tough. It’s like getting caged and bound. Our life used to stop as soon as night started but now my life have completely changed. I can study after 7PM too now my mother can freely cook at night as well. Before Sir Rohayl gave us solar bags our life was dark even more dark than nights.” -Rukhsana

“I knew how to stitch since last several years but I work as a maid at day time & gets free at night. We don’t have electricity at our home so I was unable to stitch or do any other work at night. We are extremely thankful to Rohayl Varind for donating us Solar Bag now I can stitch at night and can earn extra income for my family.” -Parveen