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I’m Munaum Bilal a.k.a Moon, just a guy who loves drawing. I’m currently doing fine arts at Indus Valley of Arts and Graphic Design/3DMax at Arena Multimedia. I have been drawing since i was a kid. My interest grew when i came to know about anime and manga. Character Designs and their art style really inspired me to draw anime/manga. This is because many different anime through time have had unique art styles that made them stand out from other anime. I like anime, quite a lot. But it’s probably too much of a generalization to call it a single style, since there are a lot of variety of ways of drawing in anime.

That said, anime styles impress me in that many of them are so well-developed that they can be used for all sorts of shows and stories, with interesting character designs, original expressions and costume designs that can hardly be found in other styles. Really got many people into drawing including, who may not draw otherwise.

I’m not good with painting but drawing different characters with styles is totally my thing. Now I’m digital artist, drawing characters designs based on anime, manga, video game and my own imagination.

My dream is to become manga artist in Japan. I also want to work with major anime studios Production I.G, Madhouse and Marza Animation Planet to create an anime film. I am still learning and practicing more drawing techniques and new styles and probably working with some well known company is my goal.

I’m planning to work on my own manga or graphic novel soon. Apart from that, i’m practicing my character’s anatomy, poses and background.

I’m really thankful to the people who like my art and give criticism on my work. The most important thing for an artist is to be successful and fulfill your dreams. Don’t give up, try to do your best!

You can contact me on my Facebook page: ”Moon’s Art” and my deviantart account: MoonX707.

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