Times of Youth

Mother Nature can still thrive back

We started as warriors in the field of science. Struggling, striving, inventing and discovering. We opened new arenas of perspective and existence, exploring new vistas of creativity and innovation. The entire universe was at the disposal of humans. We began to flow at the top of the sky, dive till the unfathomable depths of oceans and cut across the crust of the Earth to discover the treasures it had hidden inside. Natural objects were altered to serve our ends. Waterfalls turned into hydro power projects, Earth into geothermal technology, Sunlight into solar power and natural elements like uranium into nuclear energy.

Even nature would have marvelled at the intelligence and diversity with which we tapped its resources to our benefits and developments. We crossed limits after limits and proved our ability to develop and prosper without looking back. But in the midst of moving ahead and never looking back, we completely forgot that one constant due to which we were able to succeed in the first place- Nature.

We betrayed Mother Nature till the utmost extent of inhumanity.After taking all that we could and all that it had, we deserted it without repairing the damage that we had done to it. We dug through its surface to steal oil and gas from its deepest cores,spilt oil and poisonous chemicals in its oceans as we sailed across their vast expanse to far off lands, churned out toxic gases into atmosphere and breached the sanctity of its air. But just like a Mother, it continued to serve us and fulfill our needs regardless of how we treated it.

But everything has its limits. Even nature!! After all that we have taken for granted, the Nature is now damaged beyond repair. There was a time when it glowed with green. But today, it bleeds red. It is choking, wheezing, panting and trying to survive through all the cruelties we have hurled upon it.

Pollution is raging with great fury, corroding the purity of our Earth. Global warming continues to melt away the once magnificent glaciers and ice bergs. Ozone has got depleted beyond the extent of repair. Several animals and plants are suffering because of the pernicious UV rays penetrating across the premises of our atmosphere. Species are getting extinct day by day. The Earth that once blossomed with biodiversity today looks back at the lost species with longing.

There is no doubt that man has excelled beyond the imagination of his ancestors but on the other hand, the loss that he has incurred to his nature is also unimaginable.

Although several steps have been taken by us to counter the environmental crimes that we have committed but still not enough is being done. Treaties signed by numerous nations remain mere theoretic confessions of their mistakes, nothing tangible in order to practically do something against the predicament. In fact, several states repented from their commitment and rendered those states ineffective under the ambit of that treaty. Even at an individual level, we have turned our backs towards our nature. Dumping household waste on roadsides, burning garbage, cutting trees and doing irrepairable damage.

However, our Mother Nature can still thrive back into life if we truly aim to compensate for all the mistakes that we have committed and take tangible as well as effective measures to ensure rehabilitation of Nature. It is high time that we get on the battlefield and really do something because our Mother, after giving us sustenance for ages to her self-centered children, now direly needs them!!!

Malyaka Imran 
Beaconhouse School System