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I am Mohammad Wasif Gohar from Lahore, Pakistan. I am 18 years old and a self taught artist. Actually, sketching is just my hobby. I am a student of Computer Science. I don’t know when or how I got professional in this because I really used to hate drawing before 8 years when I was in school, but as it was a major subject in my school, I had to study it even I when not willing. Soon I started to develop interest in it. I kept on practising more and more. I improved much after doing hard work on it and later some institutions even approached me to join them for art exhibitions after seeing my art work. It made me further motivated towards this field and to do more hard work on it. I will not say that I am totally self taught because would get some guidance from my teachers. I have learnt almost everything from trial and error process and from the different drawing tutorials which I watch on the internet. My drawings are mostly related to the pictures which I gather from Google, sometimes imaginary or from some other references. I can do pencil shading, color pencil shading and oil paintings, but its my wish to step into the world of digital drawings as they inspire me a lot.

No body can predict about future projects, but I will try my level best to present the beautiful aspects of nature around us through my paintings. My message to the youth is that, nothing is impossible in this world. If you want to achieve something, do that particular work with devotion, sincerity, love and passion.

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6.5k shares, 55030 points

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