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Mirza Furqan Adil | Digital Artwork

I’m 29 year old self-taught 2D and 3D artist, born in Kuwait in 1986 and raised in Pakistan. I’ve been working in the Computer Graphics (CG) industry for some 10 years now. Much of my time has been spent working on 3D Modeling and animation projects for various companies in Lahore. I first got into the CG world back in 2005 and have been doing it ever since. But I’m also experienced in game assets designing, character designing, concept art and 3D sculpting.

My first attempt to learn CG was in 3D Studio Max, but a Good Amount of my time doing works over the past years has been dedicated to digital painting and animation related to TV commercials and also have worked on few published mobile games for the past 2 years. My 3D skills are more general, when producing in-game assets. I used to get involved in 3D character, environment, and props creation. Making artwork and digital painting is the one I love to do the most.

I’m currently working on my personal short 3D animated movie with strong concept and message that includes character modeling and their animations. My idea for short animation is all about hard work, honesty and fight against corruption. For me it’s more fun to learn new tools, new 3D applications related to CG World.

As for the youth, life’s full of ups and downs, you just have to deal with it and keep going.


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