Manahil Qureshi Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery by Manahil Qureshi – I’m just a normal girl from Pakistan who loves taking photos and likes to play around with them. I’m currently studying International business from London and I’m loving it (loving London, not the study part). I began taking pictures about 4 years back. My sisters would dress up and I would take their pictures. Since then I’ve experimented and have grown in my love for photography and pictures. I did it for fun earlier, but then I started sharing my work with people and I got a really positive response which led me to be offered professional services. I absolutely love portrait and wedding photography. I love being surrounded by pure joy of celebrating all the different forms of love which I get to see at wedding or family events.

I want my viewers to say ‘Wow, I wish I was there too”. I want them to be able to actually feel whatever has happened while taking the picture. If they get the feeling, it means I am doing my job right. Other than that, I really want to be able to show a positive and happy side of the world. I do this by mainly capturing happy moments and letting everyone know that if there are tensions in life, there are happy moments too.