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Mahrukh Qureshi | Interview

Times of Youth: Would you describe yourself in brief for our readers to know you better?

Ans: Hello Everyone! My name is Mahrukh Qureshi and I live in Faisalabad Pakistan. I am currently studying in Brunel University, London. I began my fashion career with my mother in 2013. At first, I just used to make a simple sketch and give it to my mother so that she can add things and make it a beautiful piece of art but then I started observing my mother how she managed everything. I love colors, I love playing with them. I observe people what they wear and how they carry their fashion. I am a very social girl and I attend fashion shows, different exhibitions, openings and parties. 90% of the times, I just observe what people are wearing and what kind of product they like to buy. It is so much fun to put your imagination into a real product. I am a big fan of Bollywood and Manish Malhotra. I love his fashion knowledge. He is truly a magician and inspiration for me and that’s how I started falling in love with fashion as career.

Times of Youth: As you describe that you’re a student and also working simultaneously, do tell us how you juggle the two things effectively. How easy or difficult is it?

Ans: It is difficult to manage both things, but as I am working with my mother she truly cooperates with me. She scolds me sometimes if I don’t manage to send her new designs but I am very serious towards my commitments and I do give her the best I can. Its all about how much you enjoy your profession. I love it, I enjoy it. I don’t ever think like “ Oh no, I just came from university and I am so tired to get up and make a design” When I come back from university, I do it no matter how long the day was because it is an activity for me. I love doing it. I was a student who used to fail her O and A levels exams, but now in University, I am A grade achiever just because I enjoy my life now. So making designs is fun for me, and not a pressure.

Times of Youth: When did you know that fashion designing was your ultimate calling?

That is a good question. I think when I was 15 years old. I loved dressing up properly and going to school. I use to observe my friends that what they wear and what made them think to buy this. As I told you before, I am a BIG Bollywood fan. I use to spend my all day watching TV and Bollywood news just to see my favorite stars and follow there fashion sense. Even, if I have to go academy I will wear good clothes and dress nicely. I always had this thinking that you should always be groomed when you step out from your house. I don’t know why but I had this thing in me. Many people loved the way I dressed. I love matching shoes, accessories, etc. I think I got this from my mother.

Times of Youth: About your family-run clothing brand ‘Nimsay’, why was this name chosen for it in the first place?

Nimsay is a Fashion brand run by my mother. Nimsay redefines new styles every year. Our speciality is embroidery work. Our fabric, printing, etc. is all in the house. We are very conscious about quality. We have 17 stores all over Pakistan. We have one in United Kingdom and we also supply to Dubai.  My father is a Textile businessman. Our Textile business name is NIMRA TEXTILES. We all were sitting one day and my father asked my siblings to think of names and give it to him. That’s how we ended up deciding ‘Nimsay – redefining style’.

Times of Youth: How would you describe ‘Nimsay’ as a brand for international audiences and potential buyers?

I will describe Nimsay as variety of different things under one shed. Nimsay works for every age group. It is not like youngsters only can find beautiful kurta’s and older people won’t. We have different age groups as target marketing. We make sure that every age group can find their choice of clothes; unstitched or stitched, colorful or decent. Nimsay is a variety house with brilliant service. If any customer is so lazy to go to shop we make sure that our online shopping is the best method of satisfying their needs and wants.

Times of Youth: Your own apparel collection is ready for stores now. Do tell us more about what to expect from it?

My recent collection in stores is new summers lawn collection 2015. We are giving many catalogues for free and I highly recommend everyone to please go and have a look. I am one of you girls and I totally understand fashion we all share around. I have used a lot of Blue color in my collection this summers. My theme was more towards beach, sky and flowers; more in depth of summer colors. I think blue color really makes you feel calm and gives you vibes of peace. I have used blue as my main weapon for this summer. I am very excited for its response!!

Times of Youth: What styles of dress designing interest you the most?

I love designing Short ‘Kurta’ which you can wear with tights or Capris. As they are in fashion these days. I am very against the kind of fashion we are going towards, eg. ‘choli and lahangas’, etc. only think that is more Indian Fashion. It feels like we are copying them. Kurta is something Pakistani and we should focus on that. Pakistani female beauty is Kurtas with  beautiful Dupattas. We all should focus on something which we have unique. I think staying different is what we can do to stay beautiful.

Times of Youth: Any specific work of yours, which you cherish the most?

Yes! I loved one Kurta that I once made especially for my sister. She loved it and she still wears it. It was White kurta with yellow, blue and pink flowers embrodied flowers on it with Blue and yellow tie and die Duppata. I wish it was more on stock now. I was happy that people loved it and it went out of stock so quickly. I wish I had one, too.

Times of Youth: Has your work ever been criticized? How did you handle it?

Yes! Its not always happily ever after in the story. My mother or my father sometimes scolds me for not bringing something, which is different. When I made my first few designs they were very basic and not liked by people much. Hardly anyone will buy that and it really disappointed me but I didn’t give up I focused on it and I waited for that moment when people will actually start liking my work. Waiting gives you a beautiful reward.

Times of Youth: What is the first word that comes to your mind when you read the following-

Garments:  Neat and clean
Glamour:  Magic
Parents: My Life
Youth: Active
Love: Beautiful feeling
Life: Challenging

Times of Youth: So which are your new projects that we should watch out for?

My new Summer collection Kurtas coming in Nimsay stores soon.

Times of Youth: Tell us something that describes your state of mind at this point.

I am very happy to be part of this interview and I feel very happy that I am helping my mother and trying to make her every dream come true. I feel blessed and I want to thank everyone for supporting me and sometimes for not supporting me because everything happens for good and I have learned a lot from other people as well. Also, thank you ALLAH.

Times of Youth: We think that even at this young age, have the potential to makes a rational and positive difference in this world. If given a chance, what would you do in this regard?

Yes we definitely have. We all can make our dreams come true; all we have to do is begin with it. We have to start believing and be confident. I will like to tell all the girls out there (and may be write a book) that every girl is unique and beautiful. We all have something beautiful in us and we all are talented; just help yourself to bring that talent out and smile. Never forget to smile if you are not happy, but because you want to stay happy.

Times of Youth: According to you, what global implementations should be made regarding women empowerment in order to truly empower women of today?

We should make working environment so comfortable for women that they can also go out in different factories and work. If you go to developed countries like United kingdom, you will see women working in Cafés and restaurants without any shame. However, women working here in restaurants and cafés are given no respect because of status issues. I think we all should applaud them because they come out and earn for there families. We all should start respecting women and help each other so that we can bring the change.

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