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I am Mahrukh Imam from Karachi, Pakistan. I am 17 years old. I am commonly known to people by my nickname Mojo. In truth I am a science student and I have almost never studied Art as a subject. As most schools in our country do not encourage Artistic children due to several reasons, I was never formally taught how to draw or paint or do anything related to Art. Most of my skills have been developed the hard way, with no mentor to guide me I took the internet and my eyes as a teacher. With the passage of time I learned to do what I do now. I took part in Art competitions such as the Toyota dream car contest in 2012. In which my car design was chosen from approximately two to three thousand students of the northern region in order to compete with the remaining 29 competitors who were invited to present their work in Marriott.

My work was also the editor’s pick of the day on Currently I’m running my Facebook page ‘Mojo’s art’ and Instagram account ‘mahrukhImam’ for sharing my work with the world. · My works also include my photography page ‘Frozen Moments’ · I am also a digital Artist
All of my development in Art, however; was not my doing alone because if it had not been for my parents I would have never been able to follow my interests the way I do now. With their unfaltering support I will be trying harder to become even better than I am now.

As I have a lot of interests I will be writing my book ‘Misty Waters’ on Wattpad and practicing realism in sketching. I am also practicing photography of human faces and might start Art commissions soon.

Originality is what we lack nowadays; the youth of today should understand this. Incredible things hide within you; all you have to do is believe in yourself. Do the things you love and do them your way because originality is attractive. I try to give readers lessons in my book and attempt to inspire them with my Art.

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