Life as we know it and how we should take it!

There are several ways in which people describe it- good, sad, tension free, stressful, busy, frustrating, etc. But have we been looking at it the way it really is? Well, few of us do, few of us don’t. Somewhere deep inside we all do know that life of this world is nothing but temporary and we fail to realize it often.

Let me tell you some secrets which you know, but still needs some brushing to actually realize.

Nobody really understands life much but yes, everyone is at his own different level of experiencing, enhancing and living it. Life of this world is doubtlessly temporary, so how can your problems be permanent? Some people move on with the problems, some don’t and for the rest of it, giving up seems easy. Its easy to blame it all on life and luck, etc. instead for seeing through it because it gives a temporary fix to your problems. Let’s face it,we all fool ourselves to an extent that we stop seeing the reality at some point. Though its quite sad, but may be it’s now an evolutionary change in human behavior.

Problems, however, are meant to make us strong, change our mind set,increase our tolerance and patience basically. Remember only you can make you happy. Every thing comes with positivity and negativity and it is on us how we take it in, so get through it. No wonder there is a term ”depression” in our society. Half of the people self diagnose themselves as depressed ,frustrated, etc.’ which is kind of bad because they start losing hope. There is no way to know your strength and ability if you cry over your problems and run from it or them. Once you start seeing a positive side of a mere situation you will learn and grow. All your scars wont heal until you let go. Best way of not being bothered by certain issues is to simply ignore them when you can while you can. Once you start telling yourself the truth you will grow stronger and be more stable.

There is a lot this life has to offer. Smile a lot and often. Well that doesn’t hurt or does it? Not facing issues will only pile them up for later. Its like doing homework; just finish it off in time so that you don’t need to think of it ever again. The main problem comes when we start ignoring the truth about ourselves. We know it, that’s why it is hard to accept and move ahead. Problems are like weak chains we are held in, once you are confident enough that you are stronger than those chains, just break through. Don’t give your problem the power to control you.

When you feel you are nothing, or that you can’t do something and such random thoughts float through your brain, which by the way was made for much more efficient work than just thinking absolute nonsense which we are prone to these days, just remember we were born alone except though in case of twins and so on which makes it unreasonable. So yeah, we were born alone and we will die alone, a thought which is always buzzing in our ears is somehow true and hard to accept for people like me who believe in ‘carpe diem’ . But yes, when you feel alone this is what you should tell yourself- You are good the way you are and always have been. We don’t need people or particular person to tell us that we are capable of this and that. We know who we are. We only have to believe in ourselves for once and it will be easy. There is a lot that can be written over this, but it all points towards the same thing and that is ”BELIEVE AND BECOME”.

Learn to be alone, positive and yet like it. There’s nothing more freeing and empowering than learning to like your company and moving forth in life with a renewed zeal always.

Firdos Rehman
MGM Medical College

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