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Kokoy Quinones | Interview

Times of Youth: For those who don’t know about you and your work, can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Kokoy Quinones and I am an artist photographer from Guadalajara Mexico.
To talk a little about myself, I’m going to start with my first art activities. When I was 20 years old I did performances in art galleries, restaurants bars, and Clubs. My first job was photo journalism for the Culture Department of State Government and also for the Museum Art Gallery “Instituto Cultural Cabañas”. At the same time I started working as a cameraman for a TV program of culture news. After that I worked as electrician for E Entertainment TV and MTV. I had also the opportunity to worked as second assistant director for a German film production Shiwawo Gmh. Today, I’m doing art photography, aerial photography and fashion photography.

Times of Youth: What led you to choosing Art faculty as career?

When I was 12 years old, for the first time, I went to the theater and I felt something that moved a deep feeling inside me. I did not know, at that moment, that art will be my life and my future. After some years, when I had my first camera I choose to be a professional photographer.

Times of Youth: What style of artistry do you rather prefer?

I like film, theater, contemporary dance, and abstract visual arts.

Times of Youth: Which was your first most praised piece of art that you still cherish?

The Mirror Of My Dreams
This photo is part of the collection“ Water Reflection” which was one of my projects. A series of photos that I took during 5 years at natural fresh water formations, inside the Mexican jungle, where I found a beautiful abstract art on the water. I think that we are the reflection of ourselves as well as the water is the reflection of the world. Take good care of water.

Times of Youth: What has been your biggest moment of pride?

When I receive the email from The X Florence Biennale 2015 that told me that I was selected to participate to the international event. I was very happy and proud to represent Mexico like artist photographer and I believe that this is the most important step in my art career.

Times of Youth: Has your family been supportive of your choice of career path?

Yes, I am very lucky to have a great family that always supports me in my art career.

Times of Youth: Do tell us one incident which totally changed your life/perspective.

My father is a biologist and he always shows me how important is the nature for all of us and for our world. It’s for this reason, may be, that now the nature is the inspiration of most of my art. I would like to show how big and majestic is the power of nature.

Times of Youth: How would you describe your art style in one sentence?

I can answer the question with only one word- Experimental.

Times of Youth: What makes your day? What spoils it

When I am taking photos, it makes my day. When I see someone killing a tree, it spoils.

Times of Youth: Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone and discovered a whole new genre of art? How did it turn out?

Yes, 7 years ago I started doing experimental art photography to do something different and I found out a new experience in art and I love it! So I keep doing this until today.

Times of Youth: What is your most important artist tool? Is there something you can’t live without in your studio or while working?

My camera. Most of my art I do it outside so I just need my sense and my photo equipment to do art.

Times of Youth: Do you have a favorite artist? If yes, what draws you to that person’s work?

Salvador Dali, his work is amazing I always find different feelings and forms on his paintings.

Times of Youth: Considering your potential, we believe that you have the power to bring a rational change in the world using your skills. If given a chance, what would you like to do to make this world place a better place?

I would like to ask to the world to be more sensitive about the global warming, we can make a better world planting a lots of trees into the cities, taking special care of our fresh water and seas.

Times of Youth: Do tell us how your admirers/fans can reach you to share their appreciation or feedback.

Join me into my web WWW.ARTPHOTOGALLERYCANCUN.COM  or in my Facebook page “Art Photo Gallery Cancun”.

Times of Youth: Any advice you’d give to aspiring youngsters who want to enter arts now or in the future?

We can sum up my best advice to young people in four steps: Be yourself Do not copy the others Do always your best. Discover your talent day by day and believe in it.

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