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My name is Kelly N. Gin. I’m a self taught artist from Greece who loves painting, eating sweets and watching mimes performing on the streets.

My work is about everything and everyone. I like to change my style and my subject on my paintings depending on my moods at the time.

I have painted my fears, my joy, my love, my happiness, my drama. Almost my everything. At first I was very shy about how to show my emotions on the paper but the moment I found the courage to do it, i became unstoppable. It is the greatest (for me) feeling in the world to actually not be afraid to express yourself (no matter what media you will choose to express yourself). It is one of the reasons I love Mimes performing. Like them I love showing all kinds of feelings in my art and not trying to hold them back or hide them (especially from me). My every day journey is to trying and allow myself to feel free to do or express anything that wants. To live my feelings and emotions without shame or fear.

That is my message to every youth out there in the world. No matter where you live or how you live don’t stop dreaming and definitely don’t even for a moment thing that you can’t make your dreams reality. It will happen as long you believe in them. Believe me there is magic out there in the world and in ourselves. Don’t be afraid to be different from other people and don’t be afraid to be different from your yesterday self.

Love yourself, love your dreams and the whole world will love you too and you will love the world.




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