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Jibran Bakhtawari | Interview

Times of Youth: For those who don’t know about you and your work, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Jibran Bakhtawari: I’m Jibran Bakhtawari, a premium wedding photographer & videographer. I work shoulder to shoulder with each of my clients to capture the very essence of their events. I recognize my role on a wedding day is not just as your photographer or videographer but also as a family historian. It’s my job to know you, what makes you tick, what makes your special day unique and perfect, and then bring your story to life through the image I take.

As a photographer I’ve developed my own style, but what really excites me are the clients that come to the table with their own great ideas and then working together to turn ideas into a reality. That always creates photographs that everyone loves!

Every couples’ big day is unique, so its important that your wedding day is full of your personality, what you love, who you love and who you are. Your wedding should leave a huge mark on your life and I’m here to ensure that you see that in every image of your day.

Times of Youth: What is one question nobody has ever asked you – that you wish they asked you? 

Jibran Bakhtawari: About my equipment

Times of Youth: How did you end up being a photographer, and what made you choose photography as a  career?

Jibran Bakhtawari: I started out photography at the age of eight and discovered my love in wedding photography. I just knew I could do a better job than what I was seeing, so I staked my claim and went for it! I developed my rapport with couples understanding, how best to get a bride and groom to relax in front of the camera and enable me to engage with them. I started on my journey to becoming a wedding photographer. I knew that I wanted to spend more time capturing those elusive moments as they happened, naturally and candidly, allowing a couple and their guests

to get on with the business of enjoying their wedding day and allowing me to retell their story, with all their individual and unique touches in my photographs of the day. I have now been a professional photographer for over twenty years. The brides know that when
they invest in booking me for their wedding shoot, they can trust on my experience and expertise to guarantee them a beautiful set of images that they can relive their wedding day for many years to come. And so now I have an enviable life of not only running my own business but doing a job I love; a job that is my passion.

Times of Youth: What advice do you have for somebody who wants to pursue photography?

Jibran Bakhtawari: If you are looking at having a photography career, you will want to research the field. There are dozens of people who want to be photographers, and struggle because they are not prepared for the requirements that come with any other professional business. It is extremely competitive, so start with baby steps and build up your portfolio.

Times of Youth: Among your works, which one is your favorite?

Jibran Bakhtawari: Couple wedding photo shoot

Times of Youth: Which five words would your friends use to describe you?

Loyal, helpful, entertaining, kind, quiet.

Times of Youth: One word answers: 

1) If you had to choose one lens which one would it be?
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II USM

2) What is your favourite photography accessory, other than your camera?
Speedlite Flash

3) What type of cameras do you shoot with?
Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 1Ds Mark III, Nikon D800

4) How would you describe your style?

Times of Youth: Do tell us how fans & followers can contact you to share their appreciation/feedback/suggestions.

Jibran Bakhtawari: Fans & Followers can always visit my Verified Facebook page:

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