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Jarar Hashmi | Interview

Times of Youth: How would you describe yourself? Do give us a brief introduction.

Jarar Hashmi: Presently, I am involved in teaching Accounts and Business Studies to the Senior O level section. In the first half of the day, I’m associated with the Beaconhouse School. Whereas, in the evening I scurry to my own Tuition Centre, namely, J.E.S- Jarrar Education System. Moderately, I also utilize my time by conducting motivational sessions at various competent places all the way in my geographical horizon. I have conducted seminars at Karachi University, MAJU, Paf Kiet, IBA.

Times of Youth: Who inspired you to take up this profession?

Jarar Hashmi: Well, I wouldn’t say that a sole personality was the reason for adopting this profession. But honestly speaking, I never wanted to opt for the profession of teaching. But gradually along my string of experiences, I came across teaching and soon I started to enjoy it more than anything else in the world. Despite, adopting a degree of Masters in Economics and ACCA, I drifted myself away from all the so called ‘prestigious’ jobs of our so called society and adopted teaching as my chief profession. The major attractions of this job were that it had newness, spark and adventure in it. I was able to relive my childhood once again and I was responsible to groom, shape and amend young souls and lives. Soon this profession became my passion and one of my best hobbies.

Times of Youth: If not this, what else would you have taken up as your 2nd career of choice and why?

Jarar Hashmi: If I would have a chance to take up a second career, it would be of a corporate trainer. Yet again this profession involves grooming and texturing multiple numbers of personalities, fame, communicating with various people, making contacts and learning from their vast experiences. It includes much of new interactions and experiences everyday and creativeness.

Times of Youth: Do tell us how has your experience has been in your current field so far.

Jarar Hashmi: So far it has been rewarding and motivating. It always gives me a sense of achievement to know that I, as a teacher and a person, have influenced the future generations. And when my students appreciate and recognize me as a hard working teacher, a feeling of joy fills my heart and encourages my inner soul to strive more each day to gather much applause and reward from all my surroundings. Seeing your students improve and grow in your class is the best motivation ever!

Times of Youth: On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself as a teacher, honestly?

Jarar Hashmi: Honestly, I would rate myself as 9. As I have believed to play my role the best in everything I do, and in the selected organizations I have even served and tried my level best to make my own separate entity and place in the institute which no one else can ever replace. My same perspective oozed down into my teaching skills and strategies. No doubt there are many competitive teachers out in the market for my subjects who are liable to probably teach the same concepts and methods to the students but I as a teacher have made a special effort to win my students hearts by going an extra mile for them than anybody else in the market would do. And this off course involves a lot of social interaction with a number of professional people of the same profession and competitive analysis. This makes me end up with my own unique strategies to hoist a flag of victory in the end.

Times of Youth: What is/are the most challenging aspect/s of your career?

Jarar Hashmi: Due to being in the business of running an educational institute, I have to face new students in my class every day. And with these new faces, the problem which arises is that of satisfying each student to the maximum, not only with subjective knowledge, but also to make each lesson gripping, enthusiastic, challenging and interesting. Creating this newness every day is, I must say, a definite challenge and adventure for me!

Times of Youth: What kind of a student were you in your schooling years?

Jarar Hashmi: I was more of a naughty student in my school years with much complains of discipline from my teachers. But when it came to studies and extra curricular activities, I was the highest achiever and the leader.

Times of Youth: Who according to you is an ideal student? Have you ever come across any?

Jarar Hashmi: An ideal student is an individual who culminates all the virtues of wisdom, morality and cleverness. I would not say that he/she should specifically be the highest achiever. No! But a student who strives his/her level best to be the best in everything that he/she does and performs. A student should always be open to new challenges and should have the initiative to step in first and the zeal to start and end any task chosen or given. I have come across very few students who focus on their overall personality development.

Times of Youth: Comment on the rational value of today’s educational syllabus system. As per your observations, what else should be included/deleted and why?

Jarar Hashmi: Well, here I would talk of the usual Pakistani educational boards. Of-course which are in great number! Despite in any board you are acquiring your education, you should be an overall groomed person. And in order to achieve that target, you are required to encounter subjects in your course work which promote and give you extra knowledge and skill which teaches you the surviving skills to exist in the practical world such as time management, dinning etiquettes, stress management, etc.

Times of Youth: Which Guinness world record would you like to set?

Jarar Hashmi: A teacher whose students have acquired the maximum rate of distinctions in the O and A levels examinations.

Times of Youth: Who/what is your ideal?

Jarar Hashmi: Ideals may be in numbers but my personal inclination is always towards people who are self sufficient, striving, hardworking and determined souls.

Times of Youth: Which current personalities do you believe are the most influential in today’s times, especially for current younger generation?

Jarar Hashmi: Donald Trumph, Steve Jobs, Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki; their success stories are unique and have touched and inspired a large lot of people.

Times of Youth: Please comment on how YOU would like to bring a practical and rational change in the condition of the world using your skills.

Jarar Hashmi: As I am presently running a tuition centre where I have the responsibility of framing and grooming young minds, I feel that I can utilize this opportunity within the best of my efforts. At my centre J.E.S, we not only focus on studies, but at the same time we conduct seminars and speeches by acclaimed speakers and trainers who come and present on variant topics. So that our students can remain fresh and captivated and we can develop a family and unite environment of our institution.

Times of Youth: “Education is a mission, but today it has become a lucrative business” your comment on this?

Jarar Hashmi: Yes! I agree that it has become a lucrative business. But what if we combine both the terms “mission” and “lucrative” together? Evidently, there would be a greater rate of success. Personally, I feel that one should not get offended if one hears that education is a business. All the educational institutions throughout the world are making money and not offering free education. Are they? Except some social work organizations and government educational Institutes. But we should be well aware of the fact that there is always a degree of good, better and best existing in every junction of life. The best educational institute and a best teacher would always have an extraordinary uniqueness in them for which they would be known and famous, and which further on becomes their “lucrative value”. They are determined to be the best and therefore, they set their new goals and achieve them in time.  To conclude, a combination would lead to success more.

Times of Youth: What message would you like to give to the youth of today?

Jarar Hashmi: I would like to inform them that nothing is impossible in this world. If you can dream it then you can achieve it. Make sure that you focus on your overall development. Choose a career which excites you and don’t choose a career because your friend or an uncle in a family has chosen it. Listen to your heart and give your best shot in it. The richest person is not the one who holds the management degree, but the one who loves his profession and do their work passionately.

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