Human aspirations

Life is a magical world for philosophers drowned in thoughts. They try to make out all things seeming bewildering. Their soul and minds are like that of little children new to this world. When something lies before them they are out on a restless journey through their sub-conscience to actually verify the most sensible and logical answer to their confusions. A philosopher and common man are distinguished on one basis; “The philosopher seeks and the common man only speaks.”

Man should be enlightened by the fact that part of our individual and united purpose in life is to exist for humanity. The reason for our existence is to sustain moral and ethical values. In fact, it is the most important reason why it is stressed upon in all cultures, religions and societies of the world. We must stop all human interest from vanishing before we end up in a pit of darkness and confusion. Before it’s too late we must wake up, open our eyes and see that the world is on the verge of collapsing. All humanity has forgotten that we must follow the basics. These concepts of unity, friendship, love etc. have been existing and inserted in the human minds from the very first generations. Now is the stage where we all are aware that unity, peace, love, friendship etc. must be created but are not following it. Events from the history give us such lucid evidence that war, disputes led to horrible fates and consequences. History even lays proof that when communities united they created such strength and harmony that they entirely portrayed that all human kind is one. Although it may seem impossible for the whole globe to live together in peace and harmony because of the differences, that doesn’t mean that mankind should be intolerant towards each other.

Unity is the first and foremost duties upon us. We all must co-operate with each other, never forgetting the essence of love. And if these issues of disarray are resolved only then will this earth stand as one body. A body that is free of any kind of disease or malfunction. If unity is achieved then the purpose of mankind is achieved. But to achieve unity is a task within itself which we, the world, as one, must strive for because the only thing this struggle will lead to is self-benefit. Benefit for each individual. In fact it will prove advantageous for the development of all societies. Once we join hands no disputes will arise therefore leading to all development to continue without any harmful, irrational hindrance. If we will have constant development without any disturbances the world will be far ahead in all aspects. We can save the earth from destruction, be it economically or environmentally.

Violence and disunity are our worst enemies and we have to crush them before they take over the human race and destroy it. Humankind is supposed to work for humankind. Each individual exists to help and be helped, be it on a large or small scale. Taking the example of the Holy Prophet(peace be upon him), he ventured a life that struggled for the human race, crushing evil and raising good. This evidently led to human development. Then looking upon Jesus Christ, he took troubles and strived hard for his people. He helped out the poor, helpless people in his time, and so did the Prophet(peace be upon him). Apart from religious leaders, if we shine light upon the previous emperors, such as the Moguls, we see that even they tried to bring balance and peace in the vast lands they ruled. Helping humanity is our purpose. Even the Quran, Bible and other religious books indicate towards the helping of poor, the helpless, doing good deeds and putting the wrong-doers on the right track.

It is the responsibility of each individual to preserve trust, love and humanity. We are on the verge of decline as we are not fulfilling these duties. So before we shatter to fragments, we must work together and achieve our aim. Each individual must work for good and the benefit of humans and their rights. We, being the youths, will become the care-takers of this world in the future. So being the young generation, it would be advantageous for us if we understood the concept now, and implement these actions now. So that our previous generation will learn from us and the next generation will follow.

by Rubab Meraj
The City School

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