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Herbert Anibas, an independent, autonomous artist, creates fascinating paintings in  acrylics.

In a timeless, meditative creative trance state, Herbert Anibas transforms his philosophy of “pure love” into fluid colours, which provides additional dynamics. The artist merges with the flow of acrylic colours. He works full of inspiration, completely open as a channel, as an instrument of a creative process surpassing his self.

Just like the pulse of inhaling and exhaling reality and its dissolution, of condensing into reality and fading away again, the shape painting dissolves and explodes like fireworks. The amassed energy unfolds and energises his works.

The eye plunges into a blaze of colour and feasts on vibrant avalanches of colour, which are flowing, intertwining, waving, swirling, or spirally twisted. The paintings reveal meanders in movement, blending, and changing, and the viewer beholds works in bright colours blending into each other and licking like tongues of flame.

The artist was inspired by Nature’s organic whirls and spirals characteristic of all her elements: air (satellite views of clouds moved by the wind), earth (gem structures, wood grains), fire and water (vortices, wave movements, ripples of wind or water on sand). As the living element always moves in whirls as open spirals, it is energised, ventilated, and charged.

This primordial form of nature has caught Herbert Anibas’s attention, thus creating the formal basis of his paintings. The abundance and beauty of forms, colours, and flows result in differentiated patterns and infinite rapports, develop into that network of life where everything is in flux, where the segments are pieced together and merge into a larger whole, into a oneness, which includes the diversity.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AnibasHerbertArt

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5.9k shares, 55024 points

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