Good Days Or Only Good Speeches?

Good days were publicized and promised to us, the general Indian public, by the people in rule currently. I, as a common person, and the entire nation’s population had witnessed a phenomenon in which one man, yes I repeat, just one man was supposed to form the ‘Sarkaar’ (ruling side) of the country this time, or at least that’s what they portrayed. His party to which our votes were supposed to go was much lesser publicized instead, almost like he’s the only man in the party. The pomp with which they advertised him had surpassed even the biggest publicity stunts of the costliest multi-starer movies of all time. The enormous amount of banners, posters, TV ads, and rallies that took place for it must have burnt a massive holes in there pockets. I wonder how they plan to recollect the funds that they had to give up in the process! Oh, I know it! They’re gonna bring ‘Good Days’! But did anyone ask whose good days did they plan on bringing? Well, because they never specified that anywhere, and now apparently it seems too late to ask.

From what’s visible now, I guess finally the so called ‘Good Days’ that were promised are starting to show their much awaited face. At least we can see it for the railway department now for which the fares in every strata of travel have risen, except may be the locals. So now a common or rather a poor man has to think twice before going anywhere. And if he doesn’t go anywhere after all, there’ll be no accidents, no other calamities that can strike him and he can be safe at home. Even if, say for instance, his mother is dead back in his village and so he wanted to make the journey in the first place, at least now he will be safe at his home. Are these your ‘Good Days’?

Another example in which the Good Days’ seem to be showing are for the beloved cattle of this great nation. Finally vegetarians have decided what non-vegetarians will eat. By banning the possession of beef in few states (mind you, not the consumption), they finally brought in good days for the cattle, even if majority of the sellers and consumers belong to religion of the legislators themselves, and even if these now saved cows, bullocks, or buffaloes will be eating their own vegetarian food and roaming freely across the nation to dirty up every each inch of it with their much worshipped excreta. I thought elections and the promises of good days were for humans! Silly me! Of course, it was for animals because they didn’t specify it in the first place. Honestly, can anyone tell me are these the ‘Good Days’?

And oh yes, another one just came up few weeks back! It’s a known fact that every political party which looks forward to a victory promises its countrymen that they’ll surely bring relief in the growing inflation. Thereby, the current one too had promised to lower the price hikes. But have you ever heard the regular petrol costing more than the superior aviation turbine fuel (ATF) or jet fuel used in airplanes? Perhaps for the first time ever in the world, the same ruling government which vowed to decrease prices on larger than life banners and TV ads has now levied a record excise duty on the fuel used in two-wheelers and cars under the garb of meeting budgetary deficits. Traditionally, petrol, being of lesser quality than ATF, would cost less. But four consecutive excise duty hikes in three months have reversed this, almost like a ‘U’ turn. Wow! Are these your ‘Good Days’?

Also, neither were the names of the corrupt politicians revealed (despite of knowing them) as vowed to be done earlier, nor did they bring back any ‘black money’ from the foreign or world banks, forget about its distribution to the poor in several millions of rupees as promised. It truly amazes me how much potential can people have to lie. And yet they ask for more time. I don’t think 1 year is any less of a time to finally start the nation’s ‘development’ based on some ‘model’ (which by the way, has major flaws of its own). One year is enough to even bring a new child to life. Period. (Pun intended)

I could go on and on and on stating their foot in mouth style rantings and faker than fake promises. But first let me know the answers to above questions regarding your promised ‘Good Days’.

Dr. Aafreen Kotadiya
MGM University

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Dr. Aafreen Kotadiya

Aafreen is a young and energetic MD specialized in Immuno-hematology and Transfusion Medicine. Besides being from amongst the top performers since her med school days, she remains a humble and charitable human.

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