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Game About Pakistani Politics by Nashra

The game is Paltering Politicians. Role play as one of Pakistan’s paltering politicians and face several moral dilemmas along the way. Are you going to take the typical route and be one of the many political puppets or are you going to defend yourself and be the hero that the country needs?
Along the way, you can choose to rig the elections, but beware, the lie detector may catch you and give you a nasty shock.

The game ends when one player proves himself to be either the saviour of Pakistan or the reason for its demise.

“Paltering Politicians is a game based on outrageous incidents in Pakistani politics.Our politicians do so many unbelievable things that make the news, however, every time something new happens, the old stories are forgotten. I created this game to eternalize all these incidents, so people can constantly be reminded of their actions.” said Nashra, while talking to Times of Youth.







Paltering Politicians is designed by Nashra Balagamwala

Nashra – A Pakistani experiential designer who is currently based in New York. She studied game design at Rhode Island School of Design. Nashra has also worked with companies such as Hasbro the company that developed games such as Monopoly and Jenga. Describing herself as a lighthearted person her goal in life is to always try to make everything humorous.

She left her homeland and moved to the US 5 years ago. Her goal is to have a chance to pursue her dream of being a designer, and through her work she wants to empower other women to stand up for their own rights.

Nashra’s work transforms controversial and sensitive topics into humorous games, designs and illustrations. Her love for colour and attention to detail is also prominent in most of her illustrations.

You can find more of Nashra’s work here:

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