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Exclusive Interview of Salman Parekh

Everyone’s supposed to have an original style of humor, and that’s what supposed to keep your work fresh and differentiated. – Salman Parekh

Times of Youth: Do tell us about yourself and your work in brief for our readers who may be unaware.

I’m a marketing student at Sussex University. I started photography and my YouTube channel when I was in Pakistan and we could still use YouTube there without any proxies.

Times of Youth: Other than it being a modification of your own name, what made you conjure up ‘Maansal’ for your studio name?

When I was looking for a platform to share my work, I wanted something that could represent me but is not a cliché as well. Luckily, I was wide awake around 4 AM when I decided to name it Maansal. I don’t exactly remember how I thought about it, but I’m glad I did.

Times of Youth: What style of photographs do you rather prefer to click?

Lifestyle photography. It gives you a really good perspective on things, where you explain the subject with the support of its surroundings.

Times of Youth: Your video ‘Annoying things that women do’ is apparently the most viewed one. How did you get the idea to shoot it?

That one has really been the most viewed one on YouTube, maybe because a lot of people can relate to parts of it.  This video was also one of my first ones, so I thought about the title and for a week kept observing annoying things women did around me, my university and gatherings.

Times of Youth: Which was the first most praised video that you still cherish?

It was long ago, my friend Sabih Bin Wasi and I made this short film named, ‘Media; Fifth Pillar, Fourth Column’, it wasn’t a funny one, so did not really go too viral but whoever watched it, loved it, including me. You can easily find it on my Facebook Page.

Times of Youth: What has been your biggest moment of pride?

Still has to come I guess. Thought too long to answer this question but no nothing I’ve done yet deserves to be here but in future Insha Allah.

Times of Youth: How has your family been handling your choice of career since you began your vibrant journey?

In the beginning, their concern was I’ve been wasting too much time on these digital accessories, but with the time when people went up to them saying they watched my videos and liked them, they accepted that I’m not completely stupid making those senseless videos. Now my parents also give me ideas sometimes for my videos.

Times of Youth: Do tell us one incident which totally changed your life/perspective.

I got engaged last year and met my fiancé three years ago. I believe she has brought ultimate change me, and for good. She has given me the sense of being a more responsible person.

Times of Youth: Things we’d like to know about you-


  • A clothing brand you’re hung up on: Zara – Love their colors.
  • You’re addicted to: ‘Chaai Biskoot’ (Tea-biscuits) every morning.
  • Favorite holiday place: Karachi, Pakistan (as I’ve been away from home and I miss that place.)
  • Love or money: Love.
  • Photos or videos: Photos


  • The most native thing about you: I can take as much space in my food as you put.
  • What makes you extremely happy? Seeing my family happy, especially if it’s because of me.
  • The funniest thing about you: When I tell people I’m a comedian, they laugh.
  • Best de-stressor: There’s nothing like de-stressing, you just need time to feel better and problems to face.
  • If you could change one thing about yourself, it would be: Being lazy, I hate it but I’m lazy so there’s not much we can do about that.

Times of Youth: What makes your day? What spoils it?

Knowing that I’ve done something productive during the day, like getting out of bed.

Times of Youth: If you were given one wish, what would it be.

My wishes are not too big, just want YouTube unbanned in Pakistan.

Times of Youth: Considering your name and fame, we believe that you have the power to bring a rational change in the world using your skills. If given a chance, what would you like to do to make this world place a better place?

I would prefer doing a lot of small things in my reach rather than make big plans and for the wait, it to happen. The first project that I want to work on is in Pakistan itself, to restore the abandoned buildings and make efficient use of the nation’s treasure.

Times of Youth: What advice would you give to the upcoming young talents?

Don’t compare yourself to the other YouTubers, it’s not a competition, it’s a community. There’s nothing wrong with following other comedians online, but what I always do is try not to be too influenced by the others. Everyone’s supposed to have an original style of humor, and that’s what supposed to keep your work fresh and differentiated.

Times of Youth: Any message for your fans and followers via Times Of Youth?

Summers around soon, thus a lot of free time, which means a lot of more videos. We’re also thinking of expanding Manuals, so there will be more to expect than just comedy.

Times of Youth: Do tell us how your admirers can reach you to share their appreciation or feedback.

Obviously, it’s really difficult to get back to each message that we receive, although we love it every time someone sends their feedback or appreciation.
Our Facebook Page: Manuals/Salman Parekh
Insta & Twitter: @maansals
Email Address: [email protected]

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