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Times of Youth: We’re delighted to know you guys finally. Do tell our readers about your work in brief. 

Osama & Maha: Thank you so much for acknowledging us . We are very excited ourselves. We are first cousins and we have always been the crazy ones in the family. Osama has just completed his A ‘levels and I just graduated from the University Of London. We were always into making crazy videos, impersonating people around us and even celebrities. After a couple of silly dubsmash videos we decided to make our own vine page on Facebook that goes by the name of ‘Osama & M vines‘ (for those of you who don’t know us yet). We believe in spreading smiles everywhere and that’s exactly what we do in our videos. For us laughter is priceless and we think that’s what sets us apart as we never made this page with the intention of gaining any monetary benefits from it unlike many other competitors.

Times of Youth: When did you guys decide that comedy was your calling?

Osama & Maha: I think we were into comedy since forever!  We were the clowns of our family, always cracking jokes, passing sarcastic remarks, calling each other by crazy names. After innumerable videos we decided we should share them with everyone. Osama came up with the idea of making our own vine page on Facebook. I was a bit skeptical at first. Little did we know and expect the huge amount of overwhelming response that we got on our first few videos. Since then it’s no looking back for us.

Times of Youth: What was the first reaction of your family members when they heard your decision about being comedians?

Osama & Maha: Initially we didn’t inform anybody in the family about this as we ourselves were doubtful. We wanted to post a couple of videos and see the response as we were aware of the existing competition we had to face. A couple of people and friends discouraged us as according to them every Tom, Dick & Harry was doing this on Facebook and nobody had ever done this before in our family . However when we saw such tremendous response to the videos, we took this as a challenge and Alhamdulillah it doesn’t bother us anymore.

Times of Youth: Which was your first funny video? How was the response to it?

Osama & Maha: As I mentioned before we have made innumerable videos but on our page our first funny video goes by the name of “ desi aunty interrogations.”  It’s a video about desi aunties harassing you with their endless questions over the phone  and always wanting you to get married. This video was entirely based on our own personal experience.  The response was great as a lot of people related to it. This video really boosted our morale as it was one of our first videos and we plan to come up with more of such videos in future.

Times of Youth: Any particular work of yours that you cherish the most ?

Osama & Maha: Honestly every video we have made so far is special in its own way. As all our videos are based on what we experience in daily life. Sometimes we sit together, watch our videos and laugh thinking what the people we impersonate would do if they find out its them: p. There are however 2 videos that are very very special to us . The first is our ‘Babu Rao” dusbsmash as he had a great laugh while making it and it was also selected by the’Express Tribune as top 10 dubsmash videos from all over the Pakistan or the world if I’m not wrong.  This was really huge for us and very encouraging. The second video goes by the name of “ annoying desi sisters” as we both are the youngest amongst siblings hence, this we were really excited to portray our feelings.  By far this video has the most likes and the comments are so much fun to read as literally everyone has related to it and acknowledged our work.

Times of Youth: On a scale of 1-10, how would you guys rate yourself as an entertainer.

Osama & Maha: UMM somewhere between 7.5-8 . As we have just started and have a long way to go . We really appreciate the positive criticism that we receive from our followers. In sha Allah we will strive to get better and better each time!

Times of Youth: Has making fun of others ever backfired for you?

Osama & Maha: Haha oh yes it has! We are strong believers of Karma and yes it has struck back many times. Lol, we have experienced a lot but still laugh it out, haha.

Times of Youth: who’s sense of humor have you admired the most in your life?

Osama & Maha: Each other’s I guess lol. Well to be honest we didn’t really follow anybody’s work religiously. I guess we were too busy polishing our own. Jokes apart we believe in taking inspiration from anything or anyone we like or whatever makes us laugh hysterically. We have seen and taken inspiration and ideas from a lot of people. So far I think the biggest inspiration has been our lives. Every day we come across such weird people who we eventually end up imitating in our videos. So we can say our life and everyone around us have a pretty good sense of humor that we admire.

Times of Youth: what is one question nobody has ever asked you—that you wished they asked you?

Maha: Who are you when no one is watching?
Osama: Would you like yourself if you meet you?

Times of Youth: So which are the your new projects that we should be looking out for ?

Osama & Maha: We have recently put up a video called “an interview with meera jee.” (Part 1). We will continue making its sequels as we think this is something almost everybody enjoys no matter how many people have already made similar videos. Our ideas are original and we don’t believe in copying other people’s work so we really hope our fans enjoy. Alhamdulillah we are also working on the content and visual quality of our videos .Moreover, countless crazy videos are coming your way so be prepared to laugh uncontrollably.

Times of Youth: Has your work ever been criticized? How did you handle it?

Osama & Maha: Yes numerous times infact!  We don’t let it act as a setback for us. As we are still amateurs and this is just a way for us to learn. We take it as positive criticism and work towards achieving what we lack in our videos. However when the criticism gets a bit nasty we just laugh it off!   Haters gonna hate eh?

Times of Youth: what is the first word that comes to mind when you read the following 

Maha – A great platform for everyone! Which doesn’t include updating everything you do during the day * pun intended*  And too addictive!
Osama – Ever ready to do crazy stuff , addictive but more like scrolling down and posting occasionally.
Maha & Osama – US
Maha – entertainment & entertainment!
Osama – laughter  and entertaining.
Maha –  A long and successful journey insha Allah!
Osama –looking for more succesfull opportunities and well planned future In sha Allah!

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