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Exclusive Interview of Moin Nazim


Times of Youth: For those who don’t know about you and your work, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Moin Nazim: I’m a computer science graduate and my profession is way out there from what I have a degree in. A graphic designer from Karachi who makes a living from freelancing and with an affiliation with a digital marketing agency The D-spot. That being the serious part of my life the fun part is the page I run through which  I have got little fan-following and have earned respect from fellow talented artists and social media celebs. Although my strength is graphics designing but I have a sweet tooth for making comics that can make people smile which in most cases works out but  back-fires too following with upsetting comments.

Times of Youth: How would you describe your work to someone who has never known about it?

Moin Nazim: My work is all about 2-d graphics from branding to social media I do it all but most importantly I do it having fun. Concept matters to me as much as the execution. Fortunately I have the ability to deliver what’s on my mind on the canvas.
Times of Youth: What sparked your initial interest in graphics?
Moin Nazim: I never imagined I would get into this field actually, I used to doodle a lot though. And was very fond of drawing alphabets like they were logos of superheroes, one day I just went through a youtube tutorial of how to make a logo just to give it a try and the process was so much fun I fell in love with it, I practiced really hard on how to design logos however when I got kicked out of an online logo design competition website I was like okay this is gonna take more than just designing this is gonna need a whole lot of concept. Meanwhile I got some local clients and I was winning at undergraduate level graphics competitions. So all of this proved to be steps of what I’ve evolved into now. And yes two years later I won on the same site I had no chance of winning two years back.
Times of Youth: At what age did you start doing all this work? Has your family always been supportive of this choice of career?
Moin Nazim: I started at 21, the evolution has been really fast. My family has been supportive of anything that is positive though they were always worried if I could make enough money from this to have a good life. They are very proud of me now for sure.
Times of Youth: Which of your projects are you most proud of and why?
Moin Nazim: To be really honest I don’t really feel proud of any particular project because few weeks earlier the project I thought would be my best ever effort becomes history and another project takes it’s place, however the project I had most fun working on was The Middle East Car of the Year
, I always loved fancy cars and to design a campaign around it was an amazing experience.
Times of Youth: Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?
Moin Nazim: Like I said the evolution is so fast it’s really hard to tell where I’ll be in 5 years. But I’ll definitely will not be working for some agency I’ll always be working with them, I’ve rejected 28 job offers till now which include big agencies as well, the reason behind that I do not want my name hidden behind the shadow of an agency that sucks all the efforts of an employee and pays him with a bag of beans. I love working with the D-spot they understand my nature of working and appreciate all the efforts. I’ve recently had a contract with Pepsi something which I never would’ve thought 2 years back. So the vision of my future is bright but blurry at the moment.
Times of Youth: Any message to your fans or followers via TIMES OF YOUTH?
Moin Nazim: I wont ask them to like my page and stuff though I would love to see them chase their dreams like a computer science graduate chased graphics and is pretty happy with what he has achieved. Sky is the limit.
Times of Youth: Do tell us how can fans can contact you to share their appreciation/feedback/suggestions.
Moin Nazim: You can contact me on my page Moinazim Graphics. I try my level best to reply to all the messages  I get even the ones who ask me what my height is lol.
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