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Exclusive Interview of Maha Abid

Maha Abid: My name is Maha Abid. I am studying Interior Design. I am a self-made baker.

Times of Youth: What sparked your initial interest in cooking?

Maha Abid: Bakery items have always attracted me so much, so one day I asked myself what if I make bakery items. Started by this thought in very early age, I made a chocolate cake which is liked and appreciated by everyone. That was the moment I decided to pursue baking.

Times of Youth: Why ‘Muffin Confections’? What is the reason that made you choose it as a name of your business?

Maha Abid: I chose the word “Confections” because I wanted people to know my expertise in making customized cakes and muffins as an elaborate sweet dish and delicacy.

Times of Youth: Despite starting off small as a baker and confectionery chef, you have managed to gain a sizeable popularity. How do you feel about it?

Maha Abid: I feel very happy and thankful to all the people who have tried my cakes and trusted me to bring more flavors. I am truly grateful to my customers who help me to translate my vision into reality with their constant support and acknowledgment.

Times of Youth: What was the first reaction of your family members when they heard your decision about being a chef?

Maha Abid: My family members were very surprised at first but they are always very encouraging which helps me to continue my baking passion.

Times of Youth: Your cakes and bakery products are lauded and cherished by all those who’ve tasted it. Is there any secret ingredient/s you use?

Maha Abid: No, there is no such secret ingredient. I make cakes with love, care, and true passion.

Times of Youth: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate yourself as a chef?

Maha Abid: As a chef I will rate myself 8/10 because still there is so much more to learn.

Times of Youth: If not this, what else would you have taken up as your 2nd career of choice?

Maha Abid: As a 2nd career of choice I would have gone to be a pilot.

Times of Youth: Where do you see yourself in next 5 years?

Maha Abid: In next 5 years I see myself working at my own café.

One word answers

  • Most relished food: Dark chocolate cake.
  • Home food or fast food: Home food.
  • A must-have kitchen appliance: Oven.
  • Whipped cream icing or chocolate? Whipped cream

Times of Youth: How difficult/easy is starting and handling entrepreneurship as a woman in a developing nation?

Maha Abid: At first, it was slightly difficult. But with the help of my family and friends, I handled it very well.

Times of Youth: What do you think should women of today believe in or do, to bring forth their hidden energies and shape up their futures, much like you did? 

Maha Abid: Everyone should follow their heart no matter what happens. They should work persistently in the field of interest with passion.

Times of Youth: According to you, what changes or other implementations should be made regarding women empowerment across the globe to truly empower women?

Maha Abid: I think we need to create enabling the environment for our women to progress in the right direction. I believe we live in a world of equality, by only accepting this fact we could make the immense difference for women empowerment globally.

Times of Youth: What advice would you like to give to the young and aspiring chefs via Times of Youth

Maha Abid: Young chefs could bring revolution in cooking with a passion. My advice is to keep working hard and cook something that the world has never tasted before.

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