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Exclusive Interview of Fouad Mustafa

Times of Youth: For those who don’t know about you and your work, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Fouad Mustafa: I’m Fouad Mustafa. By profession, I am a marketer, who has been pursuing photography as a passion. Major areas of my interest in photography include: Wildlife/birds, Landscapes, Candid portraiture, Action/Sports, Architecture, Culture, Macro, HDRs, Fashion, Events and Documentary work. My work has been showcased in one of the top International Travel Magazine (GO Utazás) of Hungary, National newspaper of Germany and Al Hamra Art Council, Lahore (Pakistan). I am an Executive Member of Photographic Art Society of Pakistan (PASP) and senior member of Pakistan Photographers Association (PPA). I have been imparting knowledge to photography enthusiasts via online resources, guest lectures in educational institutions and photowalks.

Times of Youth: Who are some of your favorite classic photographers, and how did they influence you?

Fouad Mustafa: I have been inspired by those people who have a unique style of their own. Some of the classical photographers whose work has enthused me include: Ansel Adams, Karl Taylor, Ben Long, Trey Ratcliff, Sami ur Rehman, Nayyar Raza, Razaq Vance, Muhammad Azhar Hafeez, Tabish Q. Nayeemi, Abbrar Cheema, Saleem Khawar and many others. All these great photographers are/were masters of understanding perfect light/exposure, having a great eye and sense of composition.
Times of Youth: What do you want your viewers to take away from your work?

Fouad Mustafa: Photography is not about just taking pictures, it should have some purpose to convey something to the viewers within a framed composition. My aim is always to keep my compositions as simple as possible to highlight the main subject/story within the image. I try to capture those special moments, places and subjects which stay in the viewers’ mind and make them visualize as if they were a part of that moment.
Times of Youth: What are some tips/advice you would give to yourself if you started photography all over again?

Fouad Mustafa: – Always try to utilize your available equipment to the maximum capacity
– DO NOT be discouraged by criticism rather try to improve your weaknesses pointed out by others
– Be very clear and specific about purchasing/adding new equipment.
– NEVER underestimate your own talent by limiting your imagination.
Times of Youth: What is one question nobody has ever asked you – that you wish they asked you? 

Fouad Mustafa: “If I had all the money in the world, which camera/lens would I buy?”
Times of Youth: Among your works, which one is your favorite? Why?
Tent pegging has been one of my most favourite cultural sports of Pakistan. My images of this event have always been among my preferred work as it depicts a feeling of thrill, skill and adventure.

Times of Youth: One word answers:

1) If you had to choose one lens which one would it be?
Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8

2) What is your favourite photography accessory, other than your camera?

3) What is your favourite photography accessory, other than your camera?
DSLR (At present I own Nikon D810)

4) How would you describe your style?

5) What is your most used Photoshop tool, plug-in, action set etc.?
Times of Youth: Do tell us how can fans contact you to share their appreciation/feedback/suggestions.

Fouad Mustafa: I share my work via following online resources:
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/fouads4tosFlickr stream: www.flickr.com/photos/fouads500px: www.500px.com/FouadMustafaNational Geographic Yourshot:www.yourshot.nationalgeographic.com/profile/223717/
I can be reached via email: [email protected]
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