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Exclusive Interview of DhoomBros

“Unlike other comedians, we are not trying to make a living of our comic skills, we would love to have our career in filmmaking. And journey so far is very smooth, thanks to our parents. Shukar Alhamdulillah.” – DhoomBros

Times of Youth: How would tell our readers about yourself and your work in brief for those who may not be aware?

DhoomBros: We are the Dhoombros, a group of 4 boys- Atif, Hussain, Sheharyar, Waqas. We are basically entertainers who make YouTube videos and funny skits along with the interest in filmmaking.

Times of Youth: When did you decide that being an entertainer was your calling?

DhoomBros: There was no planning or sudden realization on when we decided, it just happened after our first videos and we enjoyed it so much that we wanted to continue it not for any other reason, just because it was so much fun just doing it.

Times of Youth: What was the first reaction of your family members when they heard your decision about choosing this as a career?

DhoomBros: Our parents have always supported us, Alhamdulillah, they were ok with whatever we do as long as we are giving it our best and also stick to our basic culture, religion, and roots.

Times of Youth: Why ‘DhoomBros’? Who came up with it and what made you zero in on it as a name of your group?

DhoomBros: The word ‘Dhoom’ came along when Sheharyar and Hussain danced on the song ‘Dhoom Machale’ from ‘Dhoom 2’ movie in a school talent show and since they were brothers the whole school started calling them ‘Dhoom brothers’ and that’s how we came up with this name.

Times of Youth: We hear that your first funny video was shot in 30 sec parts from a phone camera in 2006 with manual background music and paper-written credits. Despite working so crudely, how was the response to it?

DhoomBros: Yes, unfortunately, that video never got posted on any social media because it got deleted. But we loved the experience so much that we wanted to do more. But yes, that was the very first video that we made.


  • Dressing style in a word? Improved
  • Oldest item in your closet? Wigs
  • A thing of extravagance? Skydiving
  • Must have for any social media sensation? Passion, honesty, and consistency

Times of Youth: What makes you come up with so many ideas with such enormous potential to crack up anyone? Who designs the final concepts?

DhoomBros: Most of the times, we observe people and things happening around us and convert that into comedy. We all come up with the concepts, equally contributed.

Times of Youth: Considering you’re into several interests in entertaining audiences, which do you prefer the most- dancing, acting, direction or any other preference?

DhoomBros: Hussain loves to act and will continue his career in that. Sheharyar, Atif, and Waqas enjoy the experience on behind the camera and would love to direct a film in future.

Times of Youth: Your group recently wrapped up the web series ‘iDeewane’. Unlike your other videos, it had a lot of emotional scenes. Was it sentimentally taxing for you guys?

DhoomBros: ‘IDeewane’ was a different experience, and since we found that little actor within us, and as an actor, we should be capable and be prepared for doing all kind of different emotions and situations. We enjoyed the experience thoroughly.

Times of Youth: Comedians, we hear, especially internet and social media sensations like you are, have a bumpy ride in terms of making a living. How has the journey been so far?

DhoomBros: Unlike other comedians, we are not trying to make a living of our comic skills, we would love to have our career in filmmaking. And journey so far is very smooth, thanks to our parents. Shukar Alhamdulillah.


Times of Youth: Any particular work of yours which you cherish the most?

DhoomBros: Our personal favorites are ‘Blessing of Ramadan’, ‘My mom’ and ‘The Perfect Memory’.

Times of Youth: So which are your new projects that we should watch out for?

DhoomBros: We have a lot of new projects coming out this year. I’m excited for all of them.

Times of Youth: Has your work ever been criticized? How did you handle it?

DhoomBros: We make our work for ourselves and as long as we enjoy it and love it, that’s good enough. But yes, with all that love people give your work, people will criticize your work and we are totally open to any suggestions and criticizers.

Times of Youth: Plagiarism, nowadays, is commonplace. Have you guys ever been its victim? What do you want to say to those who steal ideas to be famous?

DhoomBros: Yes, we have, but we don’t mind, because of only the original stays.

Times of Youth: What has been the most memorable experience in your journey of spreading smiles?

DhoomBros: When we perform like dances or on tours, those are the most memorable moments.


  • The most native thing about you: The accent
  • A thing of joy to you: Performing
  • The funniest thing about you: You should tell us
  • Best de-stressor: Gyming
  • If you could change one thing about yourself, it would be: We love us, so nothing.

Times of Youth: What advice would you give to the young aspiring video makers via TIMES OF YOUTH?

DhoomBros: Please continue on what you are doing and represent the international youth.

Times of Youth: Do tell us how fans can contact you to share their appreciation and feedback.

DhoomBros: You can message us on thedhoombros@gmail.com