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Exclusive Interview of Bekaar Films

Keep doing what you’re doing. You will face criticism but don’t let that bring you down. Another thing, to help come up with ideas you should observe your surroundings, observe situations, observe the people around you and interact with the people around you! -Bekaar Films

Times of Youth: We’re delighted to know you guys finally. Do tell our readers about your work in brief.

We are a group of friends by the name of Ghazenfer, Sami, and Rida. We wanted to think of a way we can bring smile on people’s faces and there’s no better way to do that then comedy. So we started making funny videos. Then we realized that we needed a platform to run these videos, so we created the page known as Bekaar Vines.

Times of Youth: When did you decide that comedy was your calling?

Well, we were all students of film making from the same university; upon graduation, we got together and decided that why don’t we use our talent as a way to entertain people on social media?  We have the equipment, the talent, and the ideas, so why don’t we take the next step. At that moment Bekaar Vines was created.

Times of Youth: What was the first reaction of your family members when they heard your decision about being comedians?

It wasn’t such a big deal for them because they already knew that we had an interest in this field. We did our bachelors in film making and they had already seen the many short films we had made and acted in, so it wasn’t really shocking for them. They actually encouraged us to do what we like and to do what makes us happy.

Times of Youth: Which was your first funny video? How was the response to it?

Well, our first funny video was “That greatest moment when shopping with women” it showed how a man is stuck shopping with a woman, while she is picking out clothes. He suddenly out of nowhere spots a chair to sit on. I mean that’s the greatest moment for a guy, finding a chair when you’re out shopping with your mom, sister or wife.  The response was actually pretty good because every guy related to that situation.

Times of Youth: Comedians, we hear, especially internet and social media sensations that you are, have a bumpy ride in terms of making a living. How has the journey been so far?

Making funny videos is just a passion for us. Although we have other jobs as well, like I myself am working in an ad agency as a producer. We are all busy in our own lives now but coming together every weekend to make some funny videos is fun and exciting for us friends; it reminds us of our college life.

Times of Youth: On a scale of 1-10, how would you guys rate yourself as an entertainer?

I would say right now we’re average, 7-7.5ish. We still have a lot to learn.

Times of Youth: Any particular work of yours which you cherish the most?

We don’t have any work which we cherish in particular, but one of our videos which was the first one to go viral was “Bollywood songs in real life”.  That skit was such a hit that we made a part 2 to it.

Times of Youth: So which are your new projects that we should watch out for?

If we tell you now then it won’t be a surprise; we like to be spontaneous.

Times of Youth: What is the first word that comes to your mind when you read the following

Facebook: Friends


Parents: Love
Funny: Vines
Vines: Bekaar
Media: Communication

Times of Youth: What makes you come up with so many ideas with such enormous potential to crack up anyone?

Well, we get our inspiration from everyday moments; moments everyone can relate to. We observe situations around us and make a funny scenario out of them. And of course its team work, if I come up with an idea, I will tell my team mates and they will give their input and we will finalize it.

Times of Youth: Tell us something funny.

You never realize how boring your life is until someone asks you what you like to do for fun.

Times of Youth: Has your work ever been criticized? How did you handle it?

Well, in the field of arts you have to face criticism. Of course every person on this planet has their own opinion towards something and you can’t change their views. And I would say being criticized isn’t actually a bad thing, it actually helps you realize what you did wrong or how you can improve yourself.

Times of Youth: We hear your routines are so hilarious that plagiarism is commonplace. What do you want to say to those who stole your ideas to be famous?

Stealing is wrong, cause coming up with a good idea is not as easy as it seems, If you want to copy someone at least ask them and credit them; that’s the proper way, but stealing is unacceptable.

Times of Youth: What has been your most unforgettable experience in your journey of laughter?

Most unforgettable experience? I would say every time we get together just to make a video is an unforgettable moment for us.

Times of Youth: What advice would you give to the young upcoming comedians who still have a long way to go?

Keep doing what you’re doing. You will face criticism but don’t let that bring you down. Another thing, to help come up with ideas you should observe your surroundings, observe situations, observe the people around you and interact with the people around you! So many ideas WILL come to your mind.

Times of Youth: Do tell us how fans can contact you to share their appreciation and feedback.

Visit our page “Bekaar Vines”. Watch our videos and let us know what you think!

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