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Exclusive Interview of KhujLee Vines & KhujLee Family

Times of Youth: We’re delighted to know you guys finally. Do tell our readers about your work in brief.

KhujLee Vines: We are a bunch of students by the name of Usman Babri, Umar Shehzad, Raza Samo, Sania Aman and Syed Ahsan Ali Shah. Actually, our team extends beyond the scope of this picture but these are the masterminds behind our work. We are from various bachelor programs in Institute of Space Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan. Our work is pretty simple; we just seek out the humor in our daily lives; things that have become the norms of the society but, nonetheless, are comical.

Times of Youth: When did you decide that comedy was your calling?

KhujLee Vines: Theatrics and performing arts have been a major part of our lives and the increasing trend towards short videos got us craving to take a leap and grab the opportunity to use the global stage to our advantage.

Times of Youth: What was the first reaction of your family members when they heard your decision about being comedians?

KhujLee Vines: They have been very supportive from the start, although when we were just at 3000 + likes, evil aunties came and asked them questions like “how do your kids manage to study, don’t you think this video making wastes their time”? Yet they showed the positive response and now the point has come where our parents are really feeling proud of us. Masha-Allah!

Times of Youth: Why ‘ KhujLee Vines ‘? What is it about the word ‘KhujLee’ that made you choose it as a name of your entire vines chain?

KhujLee Vines: The first thing we kept in our minds was that the name of the page must not be a generic one because that can be copied easily so we spent about 3 hours thinking random names, first few names that we thought were fishy vines, baarish vines, faarigh vines but nothing just clicked our minds, after thinking so many useless names, one of our team member “Talha Tahir” just said “why do you guys have that KhujLee to make a unique name? Oh, come on! The name doesn’t matter much, work does” and we hugged him and kept the page name “KhujLee Vines” without giving it a second thought. By the way, “KhujLee” in this sense primarily means itching i.e. a strong desire to do something.

Times of Youth: Which was your first funny video? How was the response to it?

KhujLee Vines: Our first video, Freshmen in IST be like; was based on the feelings of a newly enrolled student in Institute of Space Technology. With the video getting 38,000+ views we would say that the response to it was pretty good as most of the people around us could relate to it.

Times of Youth: Why do most of your videos revolve students, teachers, and institutions?

KhujLee Vines: As you, all may know by now that we are university students. There are millions of students out there and everybody is a student or once was, so he knows what it’s like to be in that atmosphere. We seek out humor from our daily lives and being students ourselves most of our daily interactions revolve around students, teachers, and institutions.

Times of Youth: Comedians, we hear, especially internet and social media sensations that you are, have a bumpy ride in terms of making a living. How has the journey been so far?

KhujLee Vines: So far we have not been making a living out of it but let’s hope the ride stays smooth.

Times of Youth: Any particular work of yours which you cherish the most?

KhujLee Vines: “When teacher leaves the exam hall” has been the most remarkable of our work with 43,000+ likes and an overwhelming 1,200,000+ views. Even we can’t get enough of it watching it over and over again.

Times of Youth: So which are your new projects that we should watch out for?

KhujLee Vines: We are currently working on a hypothetical concept of gender interchange it’s like what would be the situations if girls start thinking and acting like boys and boys start thinking and acting like girls first part is released and a second part is coming soon.

Times of Youth: What makes you come up with so many ideas with such enormous potential to crack up anyone?

KhujLee Vines: We keep our work simple and genuine. Ideas are uncountable, one does not simply run out of ideas, we just need to refine them and present them with just the right amount of humor and of course! simplicity in conveying is important.

Times of Youth: Tell us something funny.

KhujLee Vines: Before starting this video making chain, we planned to show any character itching his/her head in every video but we forget doing this every time and sometimes our parents call us to scold us on wasting time on the videos but instead they end up appreciating and giving us ideas for the new ones.

Times of Youth: Has your work ever been criticized? How did you handle it?

KhujLee Vines:  We seldom encounter criticism but if we do, we ask for suggestions to improve ourselves.

Times of Youth: Plagiarism, nowadays, is commonplace. Have you guys ever been its victim? What do you want to say to those who steal ideas to be famous?

KhujLee Vines: Yes, we have been victims of plagiarism. In fact, plagiarism is the reason we have to put watermarks on our videos. Our message to those stealing our ideas is that stealing an idea may get you a bit of fame but constructing your own would get you way more; most importantly, satisfaction.

Times of Youth: What has been the most memorable experience in your journey of spreading laughter?

KhujLee Vines: Our most memorable moment would be our first video when a teacher leaves the exam hall, which went viral. Everybody kept on refreshing the page and counting the likes while jumping all around the place with euphoria.

Times of Youth: What advice would you give to the young upcoming comedians who still have a long way to go?

KhujLee Vines: Be original and don’t give up on it no matter what.

Times of Youth: Do tell us how fans can contact you to share their appreciation and feedback.

KhujLee Vines: Fans are more than welcomed to share their thoughts by messaging us on our facebook page.

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