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Born on 29/06/1985, at Chaves, Vila Real, Portugal, EMANUEL C.T. (Etex85), since an early age he liked the contact with color and image, as a child sketching scribbles on the walls of is house and being a good student at plastic arts reveal that is interest on art was within him. At high-school he continued to study art, and that was the final tie between him and the art world, but the studies didn’t go as well as he liked, and the result was leaving school before finishing high-school, unmotivated with current events he stop painting. At early 2011 he saw an inspiring documentary about urban art, making is passions for arts came to life again, with this he start trying new materials and methods of drawing like coal, stencil, spray, watercolor, airbrushing, oil, acrylic, making a “mix-media” with this materials and also markers (Copic), working with different styles like minimalism, abstractive, realism, mixing it all up until he created his own style, although inspired by others artist, it is his own style. In this moment is works are made on base of human faces standards. With each new work I learn and perfect new aspects, a necessity of finding myself in this world with the joy of creation, offering the world my vision and standards of beauty and love.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EtexArtwork

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6.1k shares, 55026 points

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