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Dreams and Persistence- Story of 3 friends

Tuhin (21) came to Mumbai for pursuing his internship in TVF and after a gap of 10 days Neel (22) came in search of a job in a production company. Luckily, Neel got a job in the next 5 days and all was going smooth till that day- the day, when Neel was fired from his job. Neel called Tuhin to meet over. That was a low day for Neel and he was planning to leave Mumbai the next day. Tuhin was also not happy with his intern profile at TVF and the time to leave Mumbai was also coming near as he had to go back and complete his 3rd year in college .And even Tuhin never wanted to leave Mumbai. It took us the whole night to come to a conclusion, and the conclusion was Bandstand Entertainment.

Bandstand Entertainment was our only hope to stay and survive in Mumbai. Then, came our third partner Mrinal (22) from Delhi, giving more strength to the team. Meanwhile, Mrinal was pursuing B.Tech and was in his fourth year.

Starting a company is a different thing and making it sustain is another. How will we get clients and how will we generate revenue and amidst all this and being different from all the other production companies in the industry were the issues faced by us. All this was put to an end by our first client when we pulled our first professional ad shoot in Mumbai. Today, we have expanded our operations to Delhi and will reach Bangalore in coming months.

Back then, we all were young and were ready to face the bigshots of the industry. We started with just a dream to convert this thought of Bandstand Entertainment into reality. It was always going to be difficult to setup your own company in a city like Mumbai. We also faced the consequences of starting up early as we went through many lean phases. But, we made life our teacher and learned from mistakes we made. As quoted by many famous entrepreneurs: passion, determination and conviction can overcome any difficulty and can help you achieve undiscovered heights. On 18th September, 2015, we successfully completed our 1 year. Till now, we have worked with around 14 clients across India and are seeking to double up the client base in the next couple of months.
Our vision is to make Bandstand Entertainment, the biggest digital ad company in the coming years.

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