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Dreams and Persistence- Story of 3 friends



Tuhin (21) came to Mumbai for pursuing his internship in TVF and after a gap of 10 days Neel (22) came in search of a job in a production company. Luckily, Neel got a job in the next 5 days and all was going smooth till that day- the day, when Neel was fired from his job. Neel called Tuhin to meet over. That was a low day for Neel and he was planning to leave Mumbai the next day. Tuhin was also not happy with his intern profile at TVF and the time to leave Mumbai was also coming near as he had to go back and complete his 3rd year in college .And even Tuhin never wanted to leave Mumbai. It took us the whole night to come to a conclusion, and the conclusion was Bandstand Entertainment.

Bandstand Entertainment was our only hope to stay and survive in Mumbai. Then, came our third partner Mrinal (22) from Delhi, giving more strength to the team. Meanwhile, Mrinal was pursuing B.Tech and was in his fourth year.

Starting a company is a different thing and making it sustain is another. How will we get clients and how will we generate revenue and amidst all this and being different from all the other production companies in the industry were the issues faced by us. All this was put to an end by our first client when we pulled our first professional ad shoot in Mumbai. Today, we have expanded our operations to Delhi and will reach Bangalore in coming months.

Back then, we all were young and were ready to face the bigshots of the industry. We started with just a dream to convert this thought of Bandstand Entertainment into reality. It was always going to be difficult to setup your own company in a city like Mumbai. We also faced the consequences of starting up early as we went through many lean phases. But, we made life our teacher and learned from mistakes we made. As quoted by many famous entrepreneurs: passion, determination and conviction can overcome any difficulty and can help you achieve undiscovered heights. On 18th September, 2015, we successfully completed our 1 year. Till now, we have worked with around 14 clients across India and are seeking to double up the client base in the next couple of months.
Our vision is to make Bandstand Entertainment, the biggest digital ad company in the coming years.

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Tesla Autopilot Software Engineering Internship 2018



Tesla is hiring Autopilot Software Engineering Internship for Spring 2018 batch. You will help to ensure the great quality of Tesla’s Autopilot software for current and next-generation vehicle programs and working towards Tesla’s vision of fully autonomous vehicles. You will help to ensure a great quality of Tesla’s Autopilot software for current and next-generation vehicle programs and working towards Tesla’s vision of fully autonomous vehicles. You will be contributing to the implementation of the software system that processes inputs from a variety of vehicle sensors, evaluates possible vehicle strategies/trajectories, and automate safe control of the vehicle.

Benefits of Tesla Autopilot Software Engineering Internship 2018

  1. Career in Tesla
  2. It’s a paid internship
  3. Chances to enhance your skill in autonomous vehicles

Required Skills

  • Strong C++ coding experience in a Linux platform.
  • Demonstrate good understanding of software fundamentals including software design, algorithm development, data structures, code modularity, and maintainability.
  • Familiarity with CAN protocol, Driver Assistance features, GPS/Navigation systems, or other automotive applications a plus.
  • Experience developing embedded firmware in C for safety-critical applications in production environments.
  • Assess the system for failure modes and design resilient and redundant mechanisms to protect against those failures.
  • Experience in creating complex, highly distributed real-time embedded systems.
  • Understanding of advanced driver assistance sensors such as radar, camera, ultrasonic, and lidar, including the measurement and data-reduction, target identification and environmental synthesis, and sensor fusion.
  • Collaborate with the control systems, simulation and modeling teams to design control strategies that can be implemented in software efficiently.


  • Currently working towards a BS, MS, or advanced degree in a relevant engineering program such as Software Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering or Computer Science.
  • You must be self-managed and committed to working in a fast-paced environment.
  • Hands-on experience is a must.
  • Professional and positive communication skills.
  • Previous internship and/or project experience is a plus.
  • Ability to relocate to Palo Alto, CA.
Location: Palo Alto, California
Apply for Tesla Autopilot Software Engineering Internship 2018

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Paid Internship Opportunity 2017 at AIRBUS



Whether you’re still at university or have just graduated, Airbus offers programs that provide valuable work experience and may open the door to a career at Airbus.

Airbus internships are primarily available in France, Germany, Spain and the UK. They provide a unique insight into potential career paths in the company. You have the option of working in disciplines such as engineering, manufacturing, supply chain, human resources (HR), finance, Information technology (IT) and communications.

AIRBUS Internship Benefits

  1. Internship at Airbus usually lasts three months or more.
  2. Paid internship.
  3. Provide valuable work experience.
  4. May open the door to a career at Airbus.


  • To qualify, you must be enrolled in a university and be looking for a placement that will last between 3 months and 1 year
  • If you are a non-EU citizen, you may need to obtain a work visa, which will add processing time to your application
  • You must have a sufficient level to be able to communicate with your colleagues.


  • Please visit the official website to Appy online.
  • Please upload your CV
  • A cover letter for (please rather type it into the free text field than to attach the document),
  • Relevant certificates and your university grades.

Eligible Regions: Open For All

Apply for Paid Internship Opportunity 2017 at AIRBUS

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Opportunities For Youth

Internship Opportunity at Humanitarian Affairs Asia in Pattaya, Thailand



Humanitarian Affairs Asia Internship on Times of Youth

Humanitarian Affairs – Internship Program is where interns take on life lessons to prepare themselves, in coping with the uncertain world. Through this placement, interns will hammer in values, such as perseverance and the spirit of resilient. Interns will learn collaborative skills and the values of radical ideas.

At times, the works may seems repetitious, but often, it is in trying to recover from the failures that interns learn new skills. This internship program enables interns to extend their learning beyond the classroom and enhance their abilities to think on their feet and be resourceful.

A key component of this specialised program is the deliberate effort to “get out of the way” of learning, to recognise and nurture interns’ initiatives by providing them with an avenue to connect with the real world of business. The Organisation believes that changes to fundamental intentions and human capacities are needed to prepare emerging global leaders to face the new world order.

To be a great leader, one must possess the spirit to overcome challenges, and have the abilities and foresight to discover oneself.

Leadership Project in Social Change

Learning Objectives:

  • Teamwork
  • Written and tele-communication skills
  • Flexibility, adaptability
  • Self-management
  • Persuasion skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Professional writing
  • Marketing skills
  • Working in an intercultural environment
  • Working under pressure
  • Public speaking
  • Research skills
  • Event management during the conference
  • Leadership skills

Job Description:

  • Call and maintain relationships with the Organisation’s clients.
  • Establish new relationships by researching, adding and developing new clients
  • Maintain existing client relationships
  • Collate information on prospective clients
  • Actively manage the client database to ensure information is accurate and kept up to date
  • Identify past prospects due for follow up calls
  • Produce weekly reports on activity levels
  • Maintains operations by following policies and procedures
  • Maintains quality service by following organization international standards
  • Influence potential customers to support a program or service or to make a donation
  • Contact businesses or private individuals by telephone / Skype in order to obtain support for our programs or services, or to request donations for charitable causes
  • Explain products or services and prices, and answer questions from customers


  • Intelligent and quick witted, able to rapidly assimilate new products and services
  • Fluent in English
  • Excellent oral communication skills and superb listening skills
  • Professional phone manner with a consultative approach and tone of voice
  • Highly organised and self-motivated with the ability to prioritise tasks
  • Confident in overcoming rejection and setting challenging goals on a daily basis


  • To work and live in one of the top 20 most popular tourist destination in the world. Basic accommodation is provided.
  • To have the privilege to be part of the high level international conference.
  • To work for a cause and to do something for the humanity.

Application Process:

Procedure Send in your resume to [email protected]

Deadline: October 31, 2016

To Apply Visit the Offcial Page: Official Page>

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