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I was born in Pesaro a little town in Italy located by the sea side. I was very fortunate to have a family with the passion for art, so I could grew up in the middle of colors, art works, paintings and Legos! My painting journey began after two significant events, during the period I was studying visual art at school of arts in Urbino city. The first one was discovering amazing books about “colors theories”, the second one was visiting the Van Gogh museum because it “illuminated” me in a special way. My real journey started in the “real world” out of school walls, where adversities and life it self will teach me the true essence of painting in a whole unique complete concept throughout universe and any kind of pulsing existence.

I work everyday on my biggest dream, painting, because it is the only way I have to “shout out” all my deepest sensations and emotions against all the thing I face every minute of my life: happiness, melancholy, love, discoveries, success, adventures, awesome people, an unique family, deep memories, sadness and the list can be endless…This is my true work, growing everyday as an individual in order to be able to create “extra-ordinary” artworks to share with the world and fell free my self from any existing bond… Along the way I had the chance to participate in some art galleries exhibitions at San Marino. I was invited to Bologna fair this summer, to do “live street art” demonstration, they have around 5000 visitors everyday! I have done some artworks on friends houses and shops, decorating walls too. I participate at Pesaro in some exhibitions along the beach and also galleries where I had my first income selling some of my paintings. Now I’m working hard collaborating with free arts Italia, on internet, trying use technology to diffuse my work.

My future objectives aren’t set yet, things need to become more mature. I have learned something important in my colorful route to the at the youth, is to “live, think and dream without any limit or barriers, go ahead without any regret, cowardice, selfishness inside of you, be like a star that shines and give light and good vibes to anyone next to you, as I try to do with each one of my paintings…

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