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What to say about myself? I was a housewife living in a small town called Dhangadhi, Nepal. Whenever I had free time I always used to create something like realistic art, portraits, etc. Later, I was getting orders to design book covers of local authors. Whatever I was making according to their book titles, they used to admire it. People started to suggest me that I had talent and I should bring it to the people.

I didn’t know what to make, which topic to pick, but I was very curious about spiritual aspect of human life. Whenever I got across an interesting article in newspapers, magazines  or in any book, I used to read them very curiously and tried to know about it more deeply. And the thoughts which have affected me more, have found their way to my canvas.

My husband became my motivation to paint. I never had a teacher to learn from. For me the mother nature is the greatest teacher in the whole world and life is the biggest gift the nature can offer. Life, in many forms, comes with various new challenges in front of us which shows many ups & downs and goes along throughout our journey from birth to death. The way I experienced my life, I expressed it that way. I think that every sensation has its own state of mind and that in itself becomes a style.

I don’t know which style I have used in my art as I was never a professional. I painted for my happiness and I also stopped painting for my happiness. Currently I am not active in my art. I can’t say that when I will start again, but whenever that time comes it will be for my happiness because my soul lives in my art.

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