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I am Arunava Bid from India, a 30 years old self taught artist. By profession I am an accountant but my passion is drawing. My specialty is graphite and charcoal pencil drawing. I try to draw realistic portrait. I don’t have any formal training from any institute, so I have learned everything from trial and error process and some basic information that I gathered from the internet. My passion about pencil drawing helped me a lot to overcome several hurdles in my way, and I hope this will help me a lot in future too. When I was in school, maybe 7th class, I started drawing for the first time. Basically those were biology drawings, but somehow I managed to draw those in a good manner and got good marks in my exam. After that success, I decided to delve more in this art and I did that. But finally just a year back, I decided to take it seriously, and within a year now, I have finished six good quality realistic portrait drawing and have got good response from viewers. My first realistic drawing was “Prayer of an old man”- it was a graphite pencil drawing. Besides my accounting profession, drawing is really refreshing. Recently, an online magazine called “Creative Scoops” had published my work on 14th april 2015. Another art website called “” made me pencil artist of the week on 16th march 2015.

I can’t say about my upcoming projects, but more of my realistic drawings are on their way which will express human emotions, life and passion. My message to our young generation is to say only one thing- whatever you do, do it with all passion, emotion, love and energy, If you do your work this way you will definitely achieve something.

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