Are We Doing Enough To Save Our Planet?

With every plodding second, the obscenities that encumber our planet are aggravating. Their rise is inexorable in rate. Amidst these adversities as the inhabitants of this planet, we have some duties to the place that our likes have lived in, since forever!

All these issues have been propagated so frequently that actually, most of us have been desensitized to their criticality. What this planet needs is more of a true acknowledgment of its damage and tangible measures to eradicate it. Declaring that we haven’t done anything for our world, is rather false.Treaties like Kyoto Protocol have been signed by numerous nations to reduce carbon emissions. CFCs that cause global warming and ozone depletion, have been banned worldwide. Countries like Singapore are on the brink of having a complete environment friendly transport system. United Nations has taken initiative in many aspects including saline land reclamation and afforestation through UNEP. Even at institutional level, progress has been made. Environmental societies are now formed in thousands of schools across the world.

Yet! A lot needs to be done! A common stigma is that saving planet has unbearable economic restraint. But this has been proven wrong many times. Scientists say that a shift to renewable energy resources can be incredibly cheaper in the long run. Added to this, most commonly, governments need to bring our planet among the top of their priorities. With budgets re-prioritized, a difference beyond our imagination can be made.

The mayhem that rules our planet isn’t only environmental in nature. It has become a havoc in all fields of activity. Terrorism and ethnic cleansing engulf several lives everyday. Despite international attempts eg air strikes, innocent lives are withering away. Poverty, on the other hand, has broken all records of the past.With no food to eat and no place to live, millions of people, living below the poverty line, look forward to a miracle. Teenagers, who have to burn midnight oil in their struggle to educate themselves, have to watch their dreams wilt away due to no employment opportunities

Globalization has made the world a smaller place, indeed, however, the misuse of this advancement is eroding the peace of earth. History’s most abhorrent crimes are taking place in this world today. And that one constant witness of all these brutalities is out planet. The victim, the witness and the bearer.

What goes around, comes around! Karma is probably quite evident when it comes to us and our planet. All the heinous mistakes that we have committed to Earth have repented to incur heavy damage to our lives. It is high time that we take effective measures to protect the remains of this heaven. Everything attempted in the past is now water under the bridge. A new beginning in the pursuit of a better world is eager to be put into action. Hence, to bequeath a world that is as heavenly as the one we inherited from our ancestors or an even better one, is not just a wish, but a need!

Malyaka Imran
Angels International College
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