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Angeline Eleccion was born in Barilli, Cebu, Philippines on March 4, 1981 to parents of Asian and Spanish descent.  She inherited her artistic ability and her love of art from her adoring father who encouraged her at an early age to develop her talent. She began painting at the age of 5 under the watchful eye of her proud father.

Her fathers’ tragic death in 1987 made life difficult for her mother and four siblings who moved twice to new homes and schools so that her mother could find work in farming to keep her growing family together. But Angeline never lost her love of art and her passion intensified as she grew and she studied online whenever she could to develop her talent encouraged by her mother, a former teacher, and inspired by her father who coached her in her early years.

Angeline’s passion for life and her ability to see beauty in everything was developed as she embraced the hardships the family endured working in rice fields and cornfields together. Her mother’s remarkable spirit and determination to take care of her family still inspires her to learn and develop her talent.

Angel’s gentle spirit and her love of humanity is born from these early struggles, and still feeds her passion for learning and her love of art. Her remarkable ability to find beauty in everything in her life is an inspiration the thousands of followers she has touched with her work and her kindness.

Angeline’s work can be found in homes and businesses across the United States and Europe. She is currently involved with numerous Artist Groups all over the world. Her art has been featured in a religious based movie in the United States and in books by Author Michael Arnold.

Angeline plans to continue her studies at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida, and hopes to teach art in the future.





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