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Adeel Jatoi | Interview

Times of Youth: How would you describe yourself? Do give us a brief introduction.

 Adeel Jatoi: I am an O and A level Accounting and Mathematics teacher, currently associated with City School, Cosmic Campus, The Elysium and Excel Education as a faculty member and a student counselor. Apart from this, I am President of Reviving Youth, Organization which helps School, College and University students to identify their problems, weakness, declining issues and work with them on how to overcome it. Moreover, I am also a Motivational Speaker and Trainer, who shares practical life experiences and makes students realize of what they can achieve by having ‘CAN DO ATTITUDE’. Finally, I would say that I also love to go for adventure trips, socialize and find out what people have come across in their lives, and make sure I learn something out of it.

Times of Youth: Who inspired you to take up this profession?

Adeel Jatoi: No one! It was my own decision as I was focused on doing something better for society and individual needs. For me this is not a profession, it is a passion and when work becomes your passion then you become unstoppable.


Times of Youth: If not this, what else would you have taken up as your 2nd career of choice and why?
Adeel Jatoi: This is the question my close ones actually know. If I was not a teacher, I would have been mechanic, massager, hairdresser, or a gardener. But seriously speaking, I have not kept any career as my 2nd option. Keeping anything as second option means that you are not sure that you will be able to reach to the top level position in that career. I believe that if you fail once doesn’t mean that you will fail again. We humans seek revenge from our enemies but if we try changing perception, can’t we work hard and make sure the mistakes that we made earlier we try not to make them again; that would be the ‘real success’. But, yes! With the education that I have, it would help me have options for family business to bring out maximum output.
Times of Youth: Do tell us how has your experience has been in your current field so far.

Adeel Jatoi: Shukar Alhumdullillah, Allah has really been Kind to me. Can’t thank Him enough with what I have achieved in life. It has been the best experience one can have in the given life. Respect, appreciations, gratitude, honor from institute heads, parents and students keeps me motivated to work more and makes me better each day in this field. Moreover, the firm belief that students have over me is a challenge that I require to get maximum out of myself, and make sure that student achieve excellent results in CIE exams.
Times of Youth: What is your philosophy of education? 
Adeel Jatoi: Few years back in 3 Idiots movie, Baba Ranchordas Chanchad said to go for excellence and success will follow you. Believing in yourself and what you have learned will surely be the pathway to success.
Times of Youth: How would your students describe you as a teacher? 

Adeel Jatoi: Well, If this question would have been asked from my students, they would surely have given a better answer. But I am sure that everyone will say Sir Adeel is sincere with his work.
Times of Youth: What kind of a student were you in your schooling years?
Adeel Jatoi: I was never an excellent student and would always consider myself an average student, but always worked hard and worked smart to produce grades. I was respected by my teachers in every possible dimension and that was the best motivating part. With the academics, I had always been part of extra curricular activities as well. I was the Head boy in my O levels school, was part of Student Council in My A levels school, and also represented my school and college in cricket, chess, table tennis external tournaments.
Times of Youth: What is the most difficult aspect of teaching today? 
Adeel Jatoi: Expectation and fear of failing. Students strive to get the best, but if they fail for any reason, then that de-motivation factor is a killer.  For this reason it is very important for any teacher to know student personally so that any issue that comes in between their success should be tackled while counseling.
Times of Youth: Comment on the rational value of today’s educational syllabus system. As per your observations, what else should be included/deleted and why?

Adeel Jatoi: Education syllabus system has been followed from a long time now, and it has been and it will be in the future as well. We cannot do anything to change; it is the requirement of a student to proceed to further level, hence ignoring students inner ability level which is only judged through writing techniques. I believe knowledge is the essential thing on which everyone should work and student should be tested more practically. But I feel sorry that we teachers can’t do anything in this case apart from sharing practical examples only.
Times of Youth: What interests do you pursue outside of the classroom?

Adeel Jatoi: I am a sporty person; I love playing chess online in free time. I try to make my life interesting and allow myself to get into different activities which refresh my inner self and allow to produce more energy; hanging out with friends, watching movies and going out late night on long drive with music is other best thing to do.
Times of Youth: Describe your ideal classroom. 

Adeel Jatoi: A classroom should be in a way where students can comfortably spend their time, getting the most of their study and where teachers can be at comfort too.
Times of Youth: Which current personalities do you believe are the most influential in today’s times, especially for current younger generation?

Adeel Jatoi: Abdul Sattar Ehdi Saab, his devotion to his work and the standard of living that he maintains is something one should learn.
Times of Youth: Please comment on how YOU would like to bring a practical and rational change in the condition of the world using your skills.
Adeel Jatoi: Every year I try to give my 100% to my work. To make sure there’s increase in the number of students from compared to the previous year, I try not to only teach, but also to motivate students to be good human beings so that they can do something better in the society. I urge students to take up home tuitions so that they can earn for their own pocket money and make them realize their own responsibility.
Times of Youth: What message would you like to give to the youth of today?

Adeel Jatoi: We people have power to create happiness. We people have power to make life beautiful. Every day is a new day, every moment is a new moment, so live with it!
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