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Adeel Iqbal Paperwala | Interview

Times of Youth: How would you describe yourself? Do give us a brief introduction.

Adeel  Paperwala: Describing my own self might be a little difficult, but I can say that I am a teacher who teaches from heart and not from books. I am very hardworking individual who believe that hard work and dedication can surpass talent and there are no such factors like destiny and luck. One may have natural talent, but the key to success is only hard work. I would describe myself as an extremely optimistic person who always loves to look at the bright side of things. I, Adeel  Paperwala, is currently engrossed in teaching Accounting to O and A Level students.

Times of Youth: Who inspired you to take up this profession?

Adeel  Paperwala: As such no one inspired me to take up this esteemed dignity. I always had the desire to teach my fellow friends and help everyone. I started teaching soon after completing my O levels. It was the positive feedback of my audience who always motivated and encouraged me. My mom is my only source of inspiration, my mentor, a true businesswoman and an excellent teacher. I made up my mind to continue in this prosperous journey where I can use my skills to illuminate the world.
Times of Youth: If not this, what else would you have taken up as your second career of choice and why?

Adeel  Paperwala: By qualification, I am an A qualified and recently completed my M.phil in economics. My whole family is into business and I currently act as an advisor in my father’s business but in the first place, I would not take up any other option because teaching gives me the best of satisfaction that I couldn’t have otherwise achieved.
Times of Youth: Do tell us how has your experience been in your current field so far? 

Adeel  Paperwala: My experience in teaching is by far very promising and rewarding. I just can’t describe that feeling when my students come to me and tell me that they have achieved their targets and they have reached that point in life which they always dreamt of! I just can’t define in words but to sum up, its just priceless!. The 100% student satisfaction rate and the way my students admire my efforts keeps me working hard.
Times of Youth: What is your philosophy of education?

Adeel  Paperwala: The idea and philosophy of education is to achieve excellence rather than grades. The students needs to develop a clear understanding of subjects being taught to them, rather than teaching them short cuts and emphasis on load learning.
Times of Youth: How would your students describe you as a teacher?

Adeel  Paperwala: I am very close to my students. My students are my friends. Even my best buddies are the ones who I taught 8 years ago. I am very frank with students so they all find it easy to discuss whatever problems they encounter. My students believe in me so, I’m always hungry to teach.
Times of Youth: What kind of a student were you in your schooling years?

Adeel  Paperwala: Ah, I was very naughty and trouble maker. I was very sharp in mathematics and quick in other subjects, too. That’s why all my teachers used to love me. Otherwise, I was a problem child.
Times of Youth: What is the most difficult aspect of teaching today?

Adeel  Paperwala: A great teacher does not impress his students with his excellence and knowledge rather impress his students to achieve their own excellence and identify their own excellence. An honest teacher sometimes finds it difficult to sleep, as he is constantly thinking how to raise the level of weak students.  Teaching is not only delivering lecture, but rather its an art to touch the heart of your audience.
Times of Youth: Comment on the rational value of today’s educational syllabus system. As per you observations, what else should be included/deleted and why?

Adeel  Paperwala: I guess exam papers should not have defined patterns as it limits students thinking level.
Times of Youth: What interests do you pursue outside of the classroom?

Adeel  Paperwala: Most of my time is spend teaching, but in my spare time I spend time with family and friends and sometimes hit the gym to stay fit.
Times of Youth: Describe your ideal classroom.

Adeel  Paperwala: The ideal classroom is where students are eager to learn. A class full of questioning minds and those who get involved in discussions.
Times of Youth: Which current personalities do you believe are the most influential in today’s times, especially for current younger generation?

Adeel  Paperwala: There are so many people who have achieved so much in so less time, but I guess we learn something from everyone. My idols are Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.
Times of Youth: Please comment on how YOU would like to bring a practical and rational change in the condition of the world using your skills.
Adeel  Paperwala: I guess being honest with your profession and teaching your students following proper work ethics.
Times of Youth: What message would you like to give to the youth of today?

Adeel  Paperwala: Dear Youngistans, always believe in hard work and never after short term benefits and short cuts. Stay committed to your dreams there might be so many people who will try to pull you down. So, always listen to your heart.
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