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Having traveled extensively around our planet my interest in becoming a landscape photographer has come from an obvious source, recording the myriad of fascinating places I’ve visited. Since moving to Australia some 15 years ago my passion for landscape photography flourished. Focusing on the Australian landscape has enabled me to capture the beauty that surrounds us which is often simply passed by. That is why it has become a part of my philosophy to open up these new worlds to others. Persistence and a keen eye for detail are all part of a landscape photographers makeup, but the philosophy of ‘keeping it real’ has always been at the forefront of my work. Let nature set the scene and with a bit of patience and luck, great images will follow.
My journey so far has taken me the length and breadth of our country. I now run photographic workshops and photo tours within Australia and abroad. To be able to see my clients capture nature in all its glory and to the best of their abilities is a buzz for me and is something I hope to continue long into the future.

I believe we all have a creative side to us and if we can find an outlet for that creativity it can really benefit us whether it be on a personal or social level. Photography allows to me to express my inner feelings with a hope to bringing others along with me for some or just part of that journey. Through photography I’ve not only met many people who like and admire my work but I’ve had the privilege of meeting many other photographer who share this passion. This not only serves to spur me on to greater heights but gives me a sense of belonging. Something I believe can help us all.

I’d define myself as a pure landscape photographer. Put me on top of a mountain with a stunning vista at my feet and I’m a happy man.

My influences have been from more modern Australian photographers like Ken Duncan and Peter Lik. These photographers have been at the forefront of landscape photography now for over 35 years and it’s their styles of simply capturing nature at its best is what defines my photography. I think their styles have taught me that its persistence and the will to get the best from a location that has influenced me the most. There’s no better traits in landscape photography than an iron will and a large dose of patience.

A crucial element to capturing the landscape in all its glory is the use of light. Shooting at sunrise and sunset is essential in capturing photos that are seldom seen and rarely repeated. Working with different formats is inevitable when trying to capture these varying scenes at their best. That is why I employ both panoramic photography and traditional aspects of photography.


Website: http://www.rastanley.com.au/

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